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Nick French: Class Struggle Built the Swedish Welfare State

Swedish social democracy produced one of the most humane societies in history. That wouldn’t have happened without a militant labor movement and a working-class political party

Badri Raina: Sheikh Peer of the Twenty Third

You died the day you were born. And immortalized The day you died

George Monbiot: If you must eat meat, save it for Christmas

From chickens pumped with antibiotics to the environmental devastation caused by production, we need to realise we are not fed with happy farm animals

David Porter: Algeria’s Renewed Despair

The official announcement on February 22nd that Abdelaziz Bouteflika will now run for a fourth term as Algerian president in the April 17th election has sent one more shock wave through the society

Maïa Pal: The University in Turmoil: Occupations, Strikes and the Search for More

The tipping point for Britain’s university system could be very near. The list of problems it faces is long: fees, cuts, privatisation and pressure to change curricula to ever-more-narrow ideas of employability. There has been large-scale (mis)management of the student loan budget meaning a hole of £570m, and last week saw the privatisation of the student loan Read more…

Aaron Cynic: “Roza is a leader: that’s why they jailed her”

On 16 December, worker activists across the former Soviet Union and western Europe will mark the second anniversary of the police massacre of oil workers at Zhanaozen, western Kazakhstan, with protests.  The massacre put an end to a seven-month strike movement demanding better pay and conditions and the right to organise independent unions. (Details about Read more…

George Monbiot: Why Andrew Sells Is The Wrong Choice For Natural England

You want to appoint a new chairman for Natural England, the government body responsible for protecting nature. Do you look for: a. someone with a background in ecology and a track record of interest in the natural world? Or b. A Tory donor with a background in accountancy, investment banking and house building? Doh! b. Read more…

Mark Weisbrot: Why the World Should Care About Honduras’ Recent Election

Election results are often contested, and that is one reason why governments sometimes invite official observer missions from inter-governmental bodies such as the Organization of American States (OAS) or European Union (EU). But there are times and places when these outside organizations don’t provide much in the way of independent observation. On Sunday, 24 November, Read more…

: Thailand: Round one to Yingluck government

A semblance of calm has returned to Bangkok as the royalist anti-democratic protesters were allowed to symbolically occupy Government House. They took pictures and then left. A temporary truce has occurred around the king’s birthday, December 5, since the royalists did not want to appear disrespectful to their “dear leader”. The government also wants to Read more…

Pratap Chatterjee: Hollywood Without the Happy Ending

Call it the Jason Bourne strategy. Think of it as the CIA’s plunge into Hollywood — or into the absurd. As recent revelations have made clear, that Agency’s moves couldn’t be have been more far-fetched or more real. In its post-9/11 global shadow war, it has employed both private contractors and some of the world’s Read more…

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