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Partido Humanista de Chile: A gift to humanity from Rapa Nui, UMANGA

Please Help ZNet           Source: Pressenza The responses of the past open solutions to the present and the future; Tapu and Umanga: Tapu is an absolute obedience to the laws and rules, to live together in self-care. Umanga: I help you, you help me, and between the two of us we Read more…

Stacy Jupiter: Pacific Islanders’ Food-Sharing Customs Ensure Resiliency in Face of Disaster

Strong social networks foster resilience to food system shocks, both within and between Pacific Island communities

Eman Abdelhadi: Feel Like Everything Is Crumbling? This Oral History of the Future Offers Hope

In this future world, money, nation-states, prisons, militaries, police, borders and families as we know them are no more

Ella Fassler: Graduate Student Workers Across the Country Are Helping Each Other Unionize

For many graduate students, fighting for a better world means fighting the capitalistic forces that are infecting the heart and soul of the university.

Shane Murphy Goldsmith: Criminal Justice Reform Isn’t Failing, It’s Just Unfinished

We need to talk about the positive actions that complement criminal justice reform. And we need to speak loudly and proudly the vision we have and the solutions we know work.

Kenny Stancil: Once ‘Unthinkable,’ French Left Forms Coalition to Challenge Macron in Parliament

“We want to elect MPs in a majority of constituencies to stop Emmanuel Macron from pursuing his unjust and brutal policies and beat the far-right.”

Michael Welton: Taking Aim at Putin: Stephen Cohen Contests the Myths

It is important, at this ultrahazardous moment in global history and looming threat of catastrophic nuclear war, to understand a “few historical truths.”

Eric Blanc: Why Politics Matters for Amazon Workers

A reborn workers’ movement needs both organized workplace militancy and left-wing politicians that back them

Nick Licata: How to Have Fearlessly Curious Conversations in Dangerously Divided Times

Please Help ZNet             Source: With the public gravitating toward insular hostile camps, bipartisan cooperation is rare in our current politics. Mónica Guzmán building a bridge between such groups. She has experience in doing so as the director of digital and storytelling at Braver Angels, a nonprofit dedicated to Read more…

Jake Johnson: ‘Millions of Lives Could Be Saved’

Ex-UN Chief Demands Better Patent Waiver Deal

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