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Marc Martorell Junyent: An Imprisoned Writer Speaks

Review of Ilham Tohti, We Uyghurs Have No Say

Eric Dirnbach: Book Review: ‘On the Line,’ By Daisy Pitkin

This new memoir by a union organizer recounts dramatic organizing campaigns with laundry workers and offers thoughts on building worker solidarity and power

Michael Albert: Replying to Reviewers Part Two

A few weeks ago I published a Reply to Reviewers (of the book No Bosses), Part One. Here is Part Two which addresses six more reviews

Caed Stephenson: Review of No Bosses – or actually not a review

My aim here is not so much to write a review of No Bosses as to offer up something to go with it, something which makes fuller sense of it for me

TP O’Mahony: Account of Robert Fisk’s journalistic exploits a saga of love, courage, and heartache

Lara Marlowe has written more than a mere a biography of Robert Fisk

Will Froberg: A New Economy for a Better World

Overall, No Bosses does an excellent job of answering the questions: “If you don’t like capitalism, what would you replace it with?

Steve Early: How Labor Can Stop ‘The Privatization of Everything’

Review of The Privatization of Everything: How The Plunder of Public Goods Transformed America and How We Can Fight Back

Mike Phipps: Life with Fisk

Review of Love in a Time of War: My years with Robert Fisk, by Lara Marlowe

Bob Spivey: Climate Justice and Community Renewal

A review of Climate Justice and Community Renewal, edited by Brian Tokar and Tamra Gilbertson

Abigail Yartey: Remembering Greenham Common

Review of Mothers of the Revolution, a new documentary that tells the story of the women who helped to end the Cold War

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