Category: Review

Dan Dinello: Winning the War for Earth

Kim Stanley Robinson’s subversive new Novel Rejects Doomism and Imagines a Hopeful Solution to the Climate Emergency

India Bourke: Naomi Klein on overcoming doomism with climate action

Klein’s new handbook-style account of the climate crisis is not only an attempt to help youth activists hone their voices, but a clarion call to her own generation

Joseph G. Ramsey: Beyond “Missed Opportunities”

How Should Revolutionaries respond to Judas and the Black Messiah?

Frida Berrigan: ‘I Ain’t Marching Anymore’

Chris Lombardi’s new book chronicles 260 years of war resistance and conscientious objection

Christian Stalberg: Revolution as Selfless Service

Review of Nightmarch: Among India’s Revolutionary Guerillas, by Alpa Shah

Ted Glick: Revolution Around the Corner: a book review

This book gives a sense of what it’s like to be part of a Left organization that has big successes for a number of years but then loses steam, members, energy and its sense of direction and ultimately disappears as an organization

Steve Early: Will Real-Life “Fighting Dems” Prove Irresistible?

Jon Stewart’s new Hollywood film, Irresistible, is well worth watching just because of the timeliness and relevance of its other subject matter—the Democratic Party’s frantic recruitment of veterans to run for public office

Jonah Raskin: Cold War Bully: the Life and Crimes of Roy Cohn

As much as anyone else in the U.S., including Judge Irving Saypol who sentenced them, Cohn was responsible for the death of the Rosenbergs

Jordan Flaherty: 35+ Revolutionary Films to Watch Under Quarantine

Visions of a Future Beyond Capitalism

Brian Tokar: “Humans” are not the problem: Reflections on a “useless” documentary

“Planet of the Humans” does a serious disservice to those seeking to bring a more systemic and forward-looking approach into the climate movement

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