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Andrea Germanos: Expanded Global Gag Rule

Trump Escalates Attack on Healthcare, Women

Patrick Cockburn: Promising Unity

Suddenly the world is full of leaders from Theresa May to President Erdogan of Turkey claiming to unite their countries while visibly deepening their divisions

Juan Cole: The quest for 100% Renewables

Are some major industrial countries only a decade or two from getting all their electricity from non-fossil fuel sources?

Lawrence Wittner: Alliance of Parties on the Far Right

Led by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

Juan Cole: The advance of Solar globally

The US public may have to march today for our government to recognize the dangers of climate change. But in the rest of the world many governments are placing a large wager on clean solar energy. The largest concentrated solar plant in the world is not in the United States, which once upon a time Read more…

Mark Graham: The exploitation of digital gig workers

For the first time in history, we have a mass migration of labor without an actual migration of workers

Abel Prieto Jimenez: Beating Demoralization

Everything that happens is inevitably affected by our ability to communicate in an effective manner, in a serious, profound manner

Alfred W. McCoy: The Bloodstained Rise of Global Populism

A Political Movement’s Violent Pursuit of “Enemies”

Vijay Prashad: Violence: Theirs and Ours

From Lord Baring’s Violent Shock to George W. Bush’s Shock and Awe: this cannot be terrorism. It is the business of rational states. Terrorism is what the others do. Always.

Abolhassan Banisadr: Populism, terrorism, and the crisis in western democracies

Iran’s first post-revolutionary president, discusses neo-liberalism, the crisis in western democracies, and the relationship between Islamic terrorism and the rise of far-right politics

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