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John Feffer: Killer Presidents

From Duterte to Trump, a new crop of populist leaders are reviving a tried and true method of demonstrating leadership — killing people

Mike Hembury: It Starts With Hope

In these dark times, in the vindictive death throes of fossil fuel ascendency, I would like to think that a future chronicler of global anti-oil resistance will look back and mark Standing Rock as the beginning of the end.

Ilana Novick: 8 Wealthiest Men Own the Same Amount as the Poorest Half of the World

According to Oxfam, because of our broken economics, never have so few owned so much

Baher Kamal: When Your Healers Become Your Killers

Working collaboratively across all sectors and aspects of food production, from farm to table, will provide an essential contribution to an integrated one-health approach to combat AMR

Pete Dolack: Any way you calculate it, income inequality is getting worse

Even if the final decay of capitalism has arrived, that decay is likely to unfold over decades unless a global Left movement, uniting the variety of social and environmental movements and struggles across borders, can speed up the process

Noam Chomsky: U.S. Isolation

The developing picture suggests the emergence of a New World Order, one that is rather different from the usual portrayals within the doctrinal system

Pete Dolack: The crises of neoliberalism won’t be solved by more neoliberalism

The belief that private funding — which, after all, is done to extract profit regardless of social or environmental cost — will make us live happily ever after should be left to the realm of fairy tales

Noam Chomsky: The crises of immigration

United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility 2016 Annual Guest Lecture Barcelona, Spain 5 November 2016 Pope Francis captured the essence of “crises of immigration” in simple words: “Migrants are not a danger — they are in danger.” The implication is clear. The crises of immigration are, in significant measure, moral crises in Read more…

George Monbiot: Without the power of kindness, our society will fall apart

When we are vulnerable and estranged from each other we can be easily manipulated by demagogues, as can be seen in the US and Europe

Michael Yates: Measuring Global Inequality

If the reality of global inequality inspires what Antonio Gramsci famously called “pessimism of the intellect,” the real work must begin with what he called “optimism of the will”—the undaunted commitment that drives radical change

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