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Leo Panitch: Trump Challenging Neoliberal Agenda?

President Trump will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, days after introducing significant tariffs on Asian imports. However, these tariffs and Trump’s overall economic agenda won’t challenge the world’s elite at Davos

Vijay Prashad: For Children, 2017 Was Defined by War

Generations cannot imagine life without violence

Anna Gyorgy: System Change not Climate Change

Voices from Bonn

Jack Rasmus: Debate on Bitcoin

Is it a currency that is going to replace the dollar or is it a classical commodity speculative financial bubble?

George Monbiot: We Can’t Keep Eating Like This

This is the question everyone should be attending to – where is the food going to come from?

Tatiana Garavito: Frontline activists facing down global mining

Activists are defending land, life and water from the global mining industry

Baher Kamal: One Third of Food Lost, Wasted

Enough to Feed All Hungry People

Jon Queally: Paradise Papers

Shady Dealings of World’s Rich and Powerful

Sam Morgan: 9 million deaths a year

Pollution causes 9 million deaths around the world every year, according to a landmark new study which found that one in six of all deaths are linked to polluted air, water and soil

Baher Kamal: Small-Scale Producers

How to Eradicate Rural Poverty, End Urban Malnutrition – A New Approach

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