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Baher Kamal: Small-Scale Producers

How to Eradicate Rural Poverty, End Urban Malnutrition – A New Approach

George Monbiot: The Meat of the Matter

Farming animals is as unsustainable as mining coal

Rebecca Solnit: A Rape a Minute, 1,000 Corpses a Year

Violence against women is rampant, systemic, and all about control

Kathy Kelly: Great Hunger

Violence spreads the famine, and the famine will spread violence.

Baher Kamal: World Hunger Rising

Exacerbated by climate-related shocks, increasing conflicts have been a key driver of severe food crisis and recently re-emerged famines, a major United Nations joint report has just revealed

Ben Dangl: Failing to Protect Environmental Activists

Four environmental activists were murdered each week in 2016 for defending their communities

Gulrez Shah Azhar: Violence of Climate Change

Politicians and government officials refuse to connect the dots between a changing climate and human conflicts

Matt Taibbi: Is LIBOR a Lie?

LIBOR is probably both manipulated and made up. The basis for a substantial portion of the world’s borrowing is a bent fairy tale

Baher Kamal: Climate Migrants Might Reach One Billion

Forecasts vary from 25 million to 1 billion environmental migrants by 2050

Edward Herman: Fake News on Official Enemies

The New York Times, 1917–2017

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