Category: History

American Historical Association: Statement on Domestic Terrorism, Bigotry, and History

As the largest organization of professional historians in the world, the AHA condemns the recent deployment of histories invented in the interest of bigotry, violence, and division

Steve Early: A GI Rebellion: When Soldiers Said No to War

While student demonstrators and draft resisters drew more mass media attention at the time, many military draftees, reservists and recently returned veterans also protested the Vietnam war—with equal fervor and often greater impact

Vann R. Newkirk II: The Great Land Robbery

How Federal Policies Dispossessed Black Americans of Millions of Acres

Paul Street: Uncle Sam was Born Lethal

Fascism won’t come to America. It will emerge out of American history

David Swanson: Southeast Asia Was Hit By a Record-Breaking Disaster Called the US

Review of “The United States, Southeast Asia, and Historical Memory,” edited by Mark Pavlick and Caroline Luft

Connie Hassett-Walker: The racist roots of American policing

From slave patrols to traffic stops

Joshua Specht: How Beef Changed America

Exploitation and predatory pricing drove the transformation of the US beef industry – and created the model for modern agribusiness

Patrick Cockburn: Britain’s legacy is not benign

The Cambridge slavery inquiry will show we have plenty to feel guilty for

Lucinda Grinnell: 100 Years After Women’s Suffrage in Latin America

How Latin American suffrage in the early 20th century shaped transnational feminist activism today

Cal Winslow: Labor’s Spectacular Revolt

On February 6, 1919, Seattle’s workers struck—all of them. In doing so they took control of the city

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