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Richard Falk: Contra Israeli Apartheid

What the South African precedent tells us is that what seemed impossible until it happened, became possible all of a sudden because sufficient pressure had been brought to bear over time by robust resistance within and militant solidarity efforts without

Patrick Bond: What lessons from the Workers Party for fighting global neoliberalism?

Lula’s release leaves capitalists annoyed and nervous

Patrick Bond: Fighting Fossil Fuels in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most difficult places to combat fossil fuels

Patrick Bond: Bretton Woods Institutions’ neoliberal over-reach leaves global governance in the gutter

The 75th anniversary is a good time to ask whether such out-dated ideologies and their enforcers deserve to be retired, not (as the right-wing populist protectionists argue) so as to close the door on global governance, but to open it much wider in a way that serves people and planet, not multinational corporate profits

Ramzy Baroud: The Africa-Palestine Conference

Why South Africa Must Lead the Way

Patrick Bond: Fighting fossil fuels in South Africa

Campaigners invoke specters of climate chaos

Trevor Ngwane: The Urban Crisis Is A Crisis of Capitalist Democracy

And the Struggle to Remove Its Chains

Erica Emdon: Numsa strike against sexual harassment

A ‘powerful moment in labour history’

Patrick Bond: Lonmin’s murder, by money

Autopsy reveals the British-South African corpse’s poisoning by microfinance, ‘development finance’ and corporate finance

Patrick Bond: Does Lonmin’s inclement death resolve – or reload – the Marikana massacre?

An obituary for the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’

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