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Patrick Bond: BRICS-Johannesburg simultaneously disappoints and threatens

With Trump setting the agenda on the building and destruction of political alliances between states while wrecking prospects of multilateral action, the world requires a new generation of international leaders to develop a genuine alternative

Patrick Bond: State of the BRICS Class Struggle, Part 2

‘Social Dialogue’ Reform Frustrations

Patrick Bond: State of the BRICS class struggle

Repression, Austerity and Worker Militancy

Patrick Bond: Scholars get drunk on their own rhetoric in South Africa

A ‘think tank’ is sometimes a group of people paid to think, by the people who control the tanks (as Naomi Klein once remarked). Here in Johannesburg, one of South Africa’s highest-profile intellectual vehicles appears to be a victim of drunken driving by scholars from whom we otherwise expect much stronger political navigation skills. In the luxurious central business Read more…

Vijay Prashad: We Build Your Homes, But Have No Homes Ourselves

Diary of a South African Land Occupation

Jonathan Watts: Goldman prize awarded to South African women

Winners of the world’s leading environmental award faced down Vladimir Putin and the country’s recently deposed leader, Jacob Zuma, to overturn a multibillion-dollar nuclear deal

Patrick Bond: After Zuma

Corruption and Capital in ‘BRICS’ South Africa

Patrick Bond: Cyril Ramaphosa relaunches neo-liberalism

After Jacob Zuma’s firing, South Africa risks budget austerity and even renewed BRICS ‘poisoning’

David Swanson: The Question of Sanctions: South Africa and Palestine

Sanctions against apartheid South Africa are, in the opinion of the writer, the only instance when sanctions have achieved their objective. They were also driven by civil society rather than by governments. By contrast, US sanctions since the 1950s against Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korea and numerous other countries have proved dismal failures. Read more…

Patrick Bond: In South Africa, Ramaphosa rises as Lonmin expires

Workers, women and communities prepare to fight, not mourn

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