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    Kelly: Securing Peace

    I admire the APV blend of idealism and practicality, doing “the things that make for peace,” even as they face daily anxieties in the chaos and upheaval that mark life in a war zone

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    Hakim: Nonviolent Afghans Bring a Breath of Fresh Air

    War is not inevitable. It is an obsolete, repetitive choice. Everywhere, each of us can emulate these new-generation Afghans by ushering in breaths of fresh air

  • Evans: Marching for Peace

    As the “war on terror” generation comes of age, their status quo is perpetual war, a complete brainwashing that war is inevitable

  • Shawcross: “All We are Saying”

    In a recent New York Times survey only 36 percent of U.S. adults could correctly locate North Korea on an unlabelled map. Yet according to a recent poll (Chicago Council on Global Affairs) 75 percent of Americans believe that North Korea’s nuclear program is a critical threat to the United States.

  • Boardman: In Afghanistan: America’s Longest War Will Never Be Won

    The U.S., in the person of General Nicholson, chose to use the weapon with the media-friendly nickname “mother of all bombs,” which of course it isn’t at all, though it does serve very well as a good, shiny-object distraction for the media.

  • Pimentel: The Billion-Dollar World Bank Experiment in Afghanistan

    Discerning the ethical side of the World Bank’s research in Afghanistan is not small potatoes.

  • Koehler: The Moral Rabbit Hole

    The New York Times reported recently that U.S. soldiers still fighting the war in Afghanistan—14 years on—are under orders to be “culturally sensitive”

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    Herman: More Nuggets From the Nuthouse

    I’ve long been intrigued by the ways in which neo-liberal class warfare is normalized and even made to seem an advance in social welfare.

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    Herman: After All We Did For Them in Fallujah!

    any sensible person should recognize that a U.S. leadership that stands firmly with Saudi Arabia, and had earlier supported Saddam Hussein when he was attacking Iran, couldn’t be expending resources for any democratic objective

  • Bonds: The Wastes of War in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Journalists have described how the fumes from burning trash settled over the Ballad air base like fog, and how soldiers would try to filter out some of the pollution by placing wet towels over air-conditioning intakes at night, which would turn black by the morning.

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