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Arundhati Roy: India, Narendra Modi, and the Coronavirus

Is the far-right government of Narendra Modi exploiting the crisis to target Muslims and the media?

Conn Hallinan: India & the Coronavirus

While the coronavirus has focused much of the world on Europe and the United States, India promises to be the greatest victim of the disease

Arundhati Roy: COVID-19 in India

Interview on how the government of Narendra Modi is using the pandemic to crack down on opponents and dissidents

Arundhati Roy: The pandemic is a portal

How coronavirus threatens India — and what the country, and the world, should do next

Badri Raina: An Inert Molecule Has Our Backs to the Wall

The resistance that we saw building in India and across the world has melted overnight into a frightened retreat from a menace that for now threatens life itself. But what will follow after the scourge has had its day?

Vijay Prashad: Overlooked Region of India a Beacon to the World for Taking on Coronavirus

In a pandemic, a rational person would much rather live in a society governed by the norms of socialism than of capitalism, a society where people rally together to overcome a virus; than to live in a society where fear pervades

Patrick Cockburn: The Real Modi

Do the Killings of Muslims Represent India’s Kristallnacht?

Rahul Sambaraju: Indian citizenship has now been reduced to ‘us’ versus ‘them’

The fallout from two controversial changes to citizenship laws continues to rock India

Mukul Kesavan: Anti-Muslim Violence in Delhi Serves Modi Well

The riots have been driven by a ruling party intent on painting its largely peaceful opponents as seditious sectarians

Badri Raina: AAP Has Successfully Forged a Model for Regional Forces to Emulate

The phenomenal ingenuity of AAP has firmly put in place politics of honest hard work on behalf of the citizenry without turning away from bold social welfare measures

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