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Kavita Krishnan: “The Situation Was Very Bad”

In Kashmir, residents have entered their fourth week of a severe lockdown after India revoked the special status of the Indian-controlled part of the Muslim-majority territory

Vijay Prashad: Why Kashmir Is Suddenly a Potential Global Point of Conflict

The Kashmir region is divided between India and Pakistan. On both sides of the border, the Kashmiri people face undemocratic treatment

Badri Raina: Article 35A Is Dead: Long Live Article 35A

After the BJP ensured the article’s demise in parliament, the party’s J&K unit now demands “domicile certificates” – precisely the safeguard 35A offered

Badri Raina: There is No Wisdom in Turning All Kashmiris Into Antagonists

The Hindutva rightwing has ostensibly succeeded – for now – in embracing the land area of Kashmir and defeating the Kashmiris.

Robert Fisk: India rattles Pakistan’s cage

In the Middle East and southeast Asia, at least one nation in every potential conflict is a nuclear power or a prospective one

Ather Zia: There is Reason to Fear for the Safety of Every Kashmiri in India

The revoking of Article 370 is just the latest step in the BJP’s grand plan to transform India into a Hindu-only nation

Badri Raina: Amending the RTI Act Is About Cutting Troublesome Citizens Down to Size

In this centralizing endeavor, the government is banking on the disarray among opposition political forces and the near extinction of their power

Badri Raina: Gandhi or no Gandhi, Priyanka Shows the Way.

If Priyanka’s leadership is showing the way to the construction of an Indian People’s Front, nobody who subscribes to the ideals of a pluralist and democratic republic must let the moment be frittered away in lowly calculations

Badri Raina: India Needs More Like Adi Godrej to Rise Above Capitalist Self-Interest

Godrej’s admirable intervention reminds us of the progressive role that has in history been played by the bourgeois class

Badri Raina: The new “New India”

How New it will Be

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