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Martand Kaushik: Reporting is not a crime. So why has India’s government charged our magazine?

The Caravan’s editors write that charges filed against them after covering protests are an ‘assault on free media’

Badri Raina: Differing Harvests

We are the shining city Atop the Himalayas; The farmer who now is misled Will surely vote for us

Samar Halarnkar: India is turning to colonial-era laws to silence journalists

Sedition charges are just the latest attempt by Narendra Modi’s government to undermine a free press. They must be opposed

Badri Raina: A Republic Day Like No Other: Not the State but ‘We the People’ Will Take Center stage

The farmers’ movement, of the people, by the people, and for the people, may also have a few lessons in political wisdom for floundering opposition parties

Christian Stalberg: Revolution as Selfless Service

Review of Nightmarch: Among India’s Revolutionary Guerillas, by Alpa Shah

Noam Chomsky: Why Neoliberal Leaders Who Failed to Protect Their Countries From COVID-19 Must Be Investigated

It is time to impanel a citizens’ tribunal to investigate the utter failure of the governments of Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, Narendra Modi, and others

Badri Raina: CJI Bobde’s Remarks on Women Protesters Are Patriarchal Diktat, Not Concern

When women fly planes and go up in space shuttles our hearts swell with pride, but when they lead protests and question, we deny them agency and express solicitude

Prabhat Patnaik: Why are people going hungry in India despite a massive grain surplus?

The solution to the stock buildup is to put purchasing power in the hands of the people through transfers and through an enlargement in the scope of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

Hannah Ellis-Petersen: Indian court suspends new agriculture laws after mass protests

Judges order committee to look into grievances, but unions vow further demonstrations until laws repealed

Sonali Kolhatkar: Millions of India’s Farmers Are in a Fight for Their Economic Lives

Photo by PradeepGaurs/ India’s farmers are revolting against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in a mass movement that has drawn international attention. The world’s largest democracy is witnessing a collective groundswell of protest as hundreds of thousands of farmers, largely from the states of Punjab and Haryana, have laid siege to the outskirts of the Read more…

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