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Vijay Prashad: ‘This Is About Making a Very Large Number of Indians Second-Class Citizens’

Interview on the demonstrations in India

Badri Raina: Modi-Shah Duo Bring About a Fine Unintended Consequence

The prime minister and home minister have spectacularly succeeded in cementing the Indian polity across denominations behind the founding secular principles of the constitution

Vijay Prashad: Indian Students Stand Against the Far-Right

It is hard to watch these young people speak with such confidence and with such chilling precision about their desire to hurt those with whom they did not agree

Walden Bello: Democracy and charisma: a dangerous liaison

In India and the Philippines, strongmen have consolidated immense power through democratic means. How do we explain this?

Sarang Narasimhaiah: Unraveling India’s authoritarian nightmare

As nationwide protests and a general strike have paralyzed the country, the oppressed and exploited peoples of India deserve our solidarity in their fight against authoritarian Hindu nationalism

Subodh Varma: Largest Ever Strike in India Shakes Up Modi Government

Besides industries, employees in banks, transport, ports, government offices, scheme workers and farmers and rural labourers stopped work

Badri Raina: A Second Black Act, a Second Non-Cooperation

Will a Second Repeal Follow?

Vijay Prashad: India’s Democracy is Facing an Existential Threat

Peaceful protests have been taking place across the country. Every public event seems to be transformed into a demonstration against not only these laws, but the government itself

Sanjay Kak: Kashmir in Crisis

On August 5 the Hindu-nationalist government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi took unprecedented steps. Key provisions of the Indian Constitution dealing with Kashmir, articles 370 and 35A, have been revoked. The little autonomy Kashmir had is now evaporated

Anuradha Sen Mookerjee: In India’s Assam, a solidarity network has emerged

Such a humanitarian network is crucial at a time when marginalised people feel threatened with the changing legal regime which seeks to redefine the basis of Indian citizenship

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