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Vijay Prashad: There Must Be Bones Under the Paved Street

Withdrawal from the INF treaty is only one sign of danger. Another is that the various nuclear powers – led by the United States – have once more placed their nuclear weapons at the heart of their military strategy

Annina Claesson: Japan’s protestors puncture the Western myth of political consensus

Activism is alive and well in Japan, despite a media narrative of a depoliticised society

Joseph Essertier: “Henoko, the Latest Sacrifice Zone of the US-Japan Military Alliance”

For the last for 20 years the Uchinā people have successfully held their ground against Tokyo’s efforts to construct a base there

Michael H. Fox: Plea Bargains and Wrongful Convictions

A Lesson from Japan

Jon Mitchell: Shaping Okinawan public opinion on the U.S. military presence

In 2012, the Central Intelligence Agency’s Open Source Center published a manual for U.S. officials advising them on how to shape Okinawan public opinion about the large U.S. military presence on their island. Categorized For Official Use Only, the 60-page CIA report is titled A Master Narratives Approach to Understanding Base Politics in Okinawa. It Read more…

Ryan Gallagher: The Untold Story of Japan’s Secret Spy Agency

This story is the product of a two-year collaboration between U.S. news website The Intercept and the Japanese broadcaster NHK. The project began in mid-2016, and was initially focused on investigating three U.S. military bases in Misawa, Okinawa, and Yokota. In April 2017, we revealed that the bases were an integral part of the global Read more…

Robert Hunziker: Fukushima Darkness

The radiation effects of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant triple meltdowns are felt worldwide

Lisa Torio: Protests oppose Japan move to remilitarize

“Getting rid of discrimination, poverty and oppression, isn’t that the way to stop terrorism?”

Walden Bello: Will Japan Stand in Splendid Isolation?

Shinzo Abe’s on a road trip to define Japan’s new identity in an era of Trump and Duterte

Rory Fanning: The Antiwar Tour

Two American veterans journeyed to Japan to apologize for US war crimes. They found a growing grassroots antiwar movement

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