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H. Patricia Hynes: The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Near-Meltdown is a Lasting Tragedy

Decades of research have shown that there is no safe level of radiation, according to the National Academy of Sciences. Any exposure to radiation increases an individual’s risk of developing cancer

Henry A. Giroux: Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Age of Normalized Violence

The future will look much brighter and new forms of collective resistance will emerge, in part, with the recognition that the legacy of violence, death and cruelty that extends from Hiroshima

David Swanson: Hiroshima Is A Lie

The myth of redemptive violence links directly with the centrality of the nation-state

Ramzy Baroud: The Politics of Cheering and Booing

On Palestine, Solidarity and the Tokyo Olympics

Dave Zirin: The Human Costs of the Pandemic Olympics

The Tokyo Games should be a warning to potential Olympic hosts everywhere. The 2020 Olympics are unfolding like the nightmare scenario so many medical officials predicted

Juan Cole: Under Pressure from Biden, Japan pledges to double target for Renewables in energy mix by 2030

To the extent that Biden is exerting this pressure on US allies, he is playing a pivotal role in our global turn to renewables

C. Douglas Lummis: ‘We Won’t Quit Until We Stop It’

Despite the pandemic, US-backed ravaging of Okinawa continues. So does the people’s direct action

Kathy Kelly: Reversal

Today, the seventy-fifth anniversary of the atomic attack on Hiroshima, should be a day for quiet introspection

Paul Ham: Did the Atomic Bomb End the Pacific War?

The use of the atomic weapon must be seen as a continuation and a start: the nuclear continuation of the conventional terror bombing of Japanese civilians, and the start of a new “cold war.”

John Pilger: Another Hiroshima is coming — unless we stop it now

Modern China’s epic achievements, its defeat of mass poverty, and the pride and contentment of its people (measured forensically by American pollsters such as Pew) are willfully unknown or misunderstood in the West. This alone is a commentary on the lamentable state of Western journalism and the abandonment of honest reporting

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