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Edward Herman: The Vietnam War and the myth of a liberal media, Part 3

Fog Watch: All The News Fit To Print The Vietnam War and the myth of a liberal media, Part 3 By Edward S. Herman   It is part of conservative mythology that the mainstream media, especially the New York Times<D>, opposed U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and, effectively “lost the war.” Liberals, on the other hand, Read more…

Edward Herman: Pol Pot’s Death In The Propaganda System

  The death of Pol Pot on April 15, 1998 unleashed a media barrage of indignation and sanitized history that illustrates well their role as agents in a system of propaganda. While Pol Pot was undoubtedly a mass killer and evil force, and deserves angry condemnation, the U.S. media’s indignation ebbs and flows in accord Read more…

Michael Albert: The Cambodia Controversy

Michael Albert   Back in June, Anthony Lewis wrote a NYT column about Pol Pot and Cambodia including the assertion: "A few Western intellectuals, notably Prof. Noam Chomsky, refused to believe what was going on in Cambodia. At first, at least, they put the reports of killing down to a conspiratorial effort by American politicians Read more…

Edward Herman: Pol Pot And Kissinger

Edward S. Herman The hunt is on once again for war criminals, with ongoing trials of accused Serbs in The Hague, NATO raids seizing and killing other accused Serbs, and much discussion and enthusiasm in the media for bringing Pol Pot to trial, which the editors of the New York Times assure us would be Read more…

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