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Jérôme Duval: Haiti: From trafficking to debt

This Caribbean country is not in debt, it is a creditor. It is France which owes it money

Laura Raim: Macron Leans Further Right

As French President Emmanuel Macron continues his push for a stronger EU, it’s becoming ‘very clear that his agenda is a traditionally right-wing, pro-business agenda’

Vijay Prashad: Learning From India’s Farmers

French workers are being asked to make “useless sacrifices”

Samir Amin: A Grim Farce

The 2017 French Elections

Dean Baker: No Shortage of Economic Policies

There are many areas in which the French government could implement policies that would both boost growth and reduce unemployment and inequality

Serge Halimi: The politics of no politics

Emboldened by an electoral victory secured with three million fewer votes than his competitor, President Trump chose Saudi Arabia as the venue to lecture Iran for its lack of democracy. Then, speaking to an adoring audience, some of whom had taken part in a failed CIA-run military venture intended to bring down Fidel Castro’s government Read more…

Juan Cole: Green France

Macron bans Fracking and welcomes US renewables Scientists fleeing Trump

Diana Johnstone: The Single Party French State

Majority of Voters Abstain

Susan George: 40 years of Neoliberalism

Interview on on the French Presidential Elections

Serge Halimi: French President Elect

Macron takes 90% of the vote in bourgeois Paris but Le Pen got 56% of the workers across France

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