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Immanuel Wallerstein: The Absolutely Unpredictable French Presidential Election

As the economic turmoil continues to spread, the idea that one can win as a leftist may again become legitimate

Martin Legall: The ZAD: an autonomous zone in the heart of France

In a heroic struggle of solidarity and resistance, locals and activists of the ZAD have been fighting against the construction of an airport for many years

Brush and Bow: Burnt homes and broken promises: the Jungle evicted

Chaos and confusion prevail as the autonomous migrant camp in Calais is being cleared, but few have any doubts that before long new Jungles will arise

John Jordan: Resisting airport expansion, from the ZAD to Heathrow

Interview on squatting at the site of a planned airport in France

Liam Barrington-Bush: Welcome to “the Jungle”: seeing beyond the chaos in Calais

Practices of mutual aid and collective solidarity have been at the heart of the Calais migrant camp, which is now threatened with destruction by the French state

Nick Riemer: The Roots of Islamophobia in France

The rise of Islamophobia in France grew out of elites’ need to manage working-class resistance

Immanuel Wallerstein: France’s Ultra-Confused Present

The multiple uncertainties within the parties in France make the recent back-stabbing within the British Conservative Party pale by comparison

Juan Cole: Nice, France, Attack: A Gandhian Response to Serial Killers

You want to reply effectively to Nice? Reject fear and reject hate

Jack Rasmus: Labor Uprising in France

Massive labor actions have been roiling France, as unions protest the policies of the nominally Socialist government

Murtaza Hussain: After Nice, Don’t Give ISIS What It’s Asking For

Not much is yet known about Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the 31-year-old man French police say is responsible for a horrific act of mass murder last night in the southern city of Nice. In the wake of the killings, French President Francois Hollande has denounced the attack as “Islamist terrorism” linked to the militant group the Islamic State. Supporters of ISIS online Read more…

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