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Bill Fletcher: Reflections on Zohra Drif’s Memoir of the Algerian Revolution

Is the civilian population of a colonial-settler regime ever a legitimate military target?

Immanuel Wallerstein: Who is President Macron of France?

France now has the shrewdest, most efficacious Right politician in power in modern history

Selçuk Balamir: La ZAD scores major victory

The airport project at Notre-Dame-des-Landes is buried forever, by the courage, love and determination of hundreds of occupants, thousands of allies and millions of sympathizers

Glenn Greenwald: Empowering Government to Censor

In the Name of Stopping “Fake News”

Thomas Piketty: Trump, Macron: same fight

For the first time since the Ancien Régime it has thus been decided in both countries to set up an explicitly derogatory system of taxation for the benefit the categories of income and wealth held by the most affluent social groups

Juan Cole: Exodus of Climate Scientists to France

This is only the beginning if GOP guts grad education

Serge Halimi: Religious wars

In France, wars of religion have not always stayed metaphorical. Doesn’t an already widely discredited press have better things to do than prepare for the next one?

Jérôme Duval: Haiti: From trafficking to debt

This Caribbean country is not in debt, it is a creditor. It is France which owes it money

Laura Raim: Macron Leans Further Right

As French President Emmanuel Macron continues his push for a stronger EU, it’s becoming ‘very clear that his agenda is a traditionally right-wing, pro-business agenda’

Vijay Prashad: Learning From India’s Farmers

French workers are being asked to make “useless sacrifices”

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