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Juan Cole: Trump walks Alone

Former US Allies Britain, France, Germany join Russia and China in Forcefully Rejecting Trump Iran Sanctions

Ramzy Baroud: Hands off Lebanon: Macron’s Self-serving ‘New Pact’ Must Be Shunned

Macron’s bizarre and dangerous political act in the streets of Beirut should worry all Lebanese, at least those who truly care about their country

Ramzy Baroud: Tearing Down the Idols of Colonialism: Why Tunisia, Africa Must Demand French Apology

Tunisia, and many African countries, must demand a French apology. By doing so, they declare “loudly and intelligibly” that they are finally free from the “white man’s (selfish and racist) values,” and that they truly see themselves as equal

Pierre Dardot: The Gilets Jaunes and the Invention of the Future

The politics of the Gilets Jaunes are often misunderstood or overlooked, yet the movement should be a point of reference for struggles across Europe

Bruno Drweski: French Back to the streets

The demonstration of May 30th in Paris was for solidarity against repression for racial, political or social reasons

Joe Lauria: COVID-19: The Transformation of Emmanuel Macron April 18, 2020

The French president said he sees the crisis as “an existential event for humanity that will change the nature of globalization and the structure of international capitalism”

Barnabé Binctin: What happens if you treat healthy school meals as a public service?

Despite what the dominant neoliberal dogmas might lead you to think, the municipal level and “good, old fashioned” public service provision can respond to the needs and challenges of today

Jacques Rancière: “The powerful no longer want retirement to be the product of a collective solidarity”

The French philosopher Jacques Rancière addressed a general assembly of striking railway workers at the Montparnasse train station in Paris

Diem25: Police violence on the rise in France

In Paris, armoured vehicles are being deployed, whilst hundreds of police motorcyclists, each with a driver and a passenger carrying a bat, are utilised to “accompany” demonstrators every week; where in fact the purpose is to assault people

Juan Andrés Gallardo: The Robin Hoods of France

Electrical Workers Cut Electricity to Sell-Out Union, Reconnect for Country’s Poor

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