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Philippe Marlière: Macron’s Closure of the ENA, France’s Elite School: Political Gimmick or Overdue Reform?

The president does not want to dispense with the idea of an elite school altogether but to build something that allegedly works better

Ken Bank: The 150th Anniversary of the Paris Commune

Although there were previous uprisings in France going back to the French Revolution of 1789, this was the first time that a grassroots, populist government based on socialist and even anarchic principles was firmly established in control of the city

Philippe Marlière: As Covid cases in France surge, Macron’s superman image is fading fast

The French president has imposed a national lockdown, but he still won’t own up to his mistakes and broken promises

Regis Debray: Macron’s Wars

It’s a longstanding paradox: civilians with no experience of battle tend to be more zealous warmongers than the military themselves

Aljazeera: France: Hundreds protest against Amazon expansion

Demonstrators form human chain as they rally against Amazon’s plan to set up facility in small southern town of Fournes

Chris Myant: Why has Macron rejected the joint enterprise that defeats COVID-19?

In the France of today, it would mean democratizing the response to the virus, not imprisoning it in the closed corridors of power

Obaidullah Alam Babakarkhil: The Winter’s Tale: Solstice on the Streets of Paris

Ahmad Soheil Ahmadi interviews Obaidullah Alam Babakarkhil, the chairman of the French Refugee Council, about the privations suffered by homeless refugees as the winter solstice approaches

Chris Myant: War of images in Paris

Like the Gilets jaunes the authorities hope to grind this coalition down by police intimidation, scare stories of violence and the appearance of concessions

Serge Halimi: ‘No change for thirty years’

The familiar whiff of the ‘clash of civilisations’ is back

Ramzy Baroud: Macron’s Incitement: ‘Crisis in Islam’ or French Politics?

If anyone deserves mockery, it is Macron, who continues to distract from his unmitigated failure as a politician by pitting the French people, religious or otherwise, against each other

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