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Richard Greeman: Yellow Vests and Red Unions Strike Together

Macron Prepares New Repressive Measures

Richard Greeman: “We Are Not Tired”

The French popular masses are furious at being taken for fools

Various Contributors: Gilets Jaunes “Assembly of Assemblies” calls for massive strike

The Gilets Jaunes of Commercy recently organized an “Assembly of Assemblies” to coordinate the radical democratization of the popular resistance in France

Kevin B. Anderson: Insurrectionist overtones

Whether a truly revolutionary movement, based on solid theoretical ground, can arise in France or elsewhere remains the question

Raphael Mimoun: How the yellow vests are reinventing French politics

While mainstream French and international media have largely characterized the yellow vests as violent troublemakers, many people throughout France see the movement as a long-needed popular uprising against a deeply unjust political and economic system

Serge Halimi: Forgotten France rises up

France’s yellow vests, coming together in informally organized groups, took just one month to challenge policies on taxation, education, transport and environment, and make the Macron government back down

Kevin Zeese: What Would A Yellow Vest Movement Look Like In U.S.?

A truth about movements is, they move. They morph, evolve and move around a country or even around the globe

Richard Greeman: Seasons Greetings from France’s Yellow Vests: “We are not tired”

he French popular masses, already famous for their anger and cynicism, are furious at being taken for fools by their betters and joyful at feeling their own strength and solidarity. No one knows where all this will end

Paul Cudenec: Christmas with the gilets jaunes

A report from the protests finds a community spirit that bears little resemblance to the media’s depictions

Susan Ram: Macron must go: Yellow Vests Act V

The movement brought anger to the streets again across France in defiance of state efforts to divide and disrupt it

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