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Barnabé Binctin: What happens if you treat healthy school meals as a public service?

Despite what the dominant neoliberal dogmas might lead you to think, the municipal level and “good, old fashioned” public service provision can respond to the needs and challenges of today

Jacques Rancière: “The powerful no longer want retirement to be the product of a collective solidarity”

The French philosopher Jacques Rancière addressed a general assembly of striking railway workers at the Montparnasse train station in Paris

Diem25: Police violence on the rise in France

In Paris, armoured vehicles are being deployed, whilst hundreds of police motorcyclists, each with a driver and a passenger carrying a bat, are utilised to “accompany” demonstrators every week; where in fact the purpose is to assault people

Juan Andrés Gallardo: The Robin Hoods of France

Electrical Workers Cut Electricity to Sell-Out Union, Reconnect for Country’s Poor

Alan MacLeod: France: Police Beat up Striking Firefighters as Media Looks Other Way

The media, quick to condemn violence against protesters elsewhere in the world, largely ignored the brutal crackdown on firefighters joining months-long nationwide protests in France

Renaud Lambert: France’s Anti-Neoliberal Protesters Get Their Second Wind

The strikers protesting President Macron’s pension reform are expanding their target to the whole neoliberal system

Gabriel Rockhill: France’s Strike

Another Symptom of Neoliberalism’s Legitimation Crisis

Richard Greeman: France at the Crossroads

The nationwide general strike in France, now entering its record seventh week, seems to be approaching its crisis point

Gabriel Rockhill: Understanding France’s General Strike

Yellow Vests and Global Class Warfare

France 24: Crowdfunding and solidarity

How French rail workers sustain a record-long strike

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