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Édouard Louis: To Exist in the Eyes of Others

At the beginning they were talking only about gas, and now they are talking about social justice, equality

Raul Gallego Abellan: The Faces and Voices of the “Yellow Vests” in France

The tear gas and rubber bullets, he said, seemed only to make people more angry and more inclined to clash with the police

Jérôme Roos: “The Gilets Jaunes have blown up the old political categories”

France’s neoliberal order trembles as the yellow vest revolt shatters established political conventions. The new terrain presents both dangers and opportunities

Jean Bricmont: ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests Emerged Spontaneously, without Leadership

The ‘yellow vest’ movement is an expression of decades of frustration with declining living standards due to the dismantling of France’s welfare state

Paul Street: Blacking Out the Yellow Vests on Cable News

Corporate Media Doing its Job

Steve Ellner: The French Protests and the Politics of Alliances

What can be learned?

Édouard Louis: Can the Yellow Vests Speak?

This movement must continue, for it embodies something right, urgent, and profoundly radical, because faces and voices that are usually reduced to invisibility are finally visible and audible

Cole Stangler: What’s Really Behind France’s Yellow Vest Protest?

It’s not just about the fuel tax; it’s about anger at ever-increasing burdens on the working class

Gilbert Mercier: Are the Gilets Jaunes Today’s Sans-Culottes?

From the Island of La Reunion to the Napoleonic symbol that is the Arc de Triomphe, through big and small towns, as well as the usually bucolic countryside in France, there is something special in the air: the smell of fires on barricades, the smoke of tear gas, the anger built upon decades of inequality, Read more…

Susan Ram: Yellow fury

A SPECTRE is haunting France, its colour a vivid fluorescent yellow. It stalks motorway tolls, big city roundabouts, national highways and, increasingly, access routes to refineries, ferries and docks. It spills into city centres, shape-shifting from orderly processions to barricade-building and feisty confrontations with riot police. Materialising as if out of nowhere, the yellow fury Read more…

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