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Yanis Varoufakis: Angela Merkel’s Legacy, European Politics & the “Sordid Arms Race”

Interview on the end to the 16-year era of Angela Merkel’s conservative chancellorship

Thomas McGath: Berliners vote to expropriate corporate landlords

Berlin’s referendum to expropriate corporate landlords is a watershed moment for rental politics and a rare win against international real estate capital

Yanis Varoufakis: Angela Merkel Was Bad for Europe and the World

The recent German elections mark the effective end of Angela Merkel’s 16-year rule

Kenny Stancil: ‘Fantastic!’: Berlin Votes to Expropriate 240K Apartments from Corporate Landlords

“Which cities will follow its lead?” asked one advocate, after 56% of voters told Berlin’s municipal government to transfer thousands of homes to public ownership

Victor Grossman: Germany’s Who With Whom Elections

A growing fight-back, with The LEFT in the lead, may be more necessary than ever! For Sunday’s crucial vote we may indeed need calculus – or a crystal ball

Thomas Klikauer: Germany’s New Neo-Nazis: The Reichsbürger

Germany’s 20,000 Reichsbürgers are well armed. They live in the delusion that they defend their Reich against government authorities

Julian Wettengel: Climate change among top of Germans’ concerns – surveys

The German public increasingly puts climate action at the top of its policy priorities,and remains strongly in support of the transition to a low-carbon and nuclear-free economy

Mario Candeias: Die Linke and the 2021 Federal Elections

The party faces a disadvantageous political constellation, strong counterforces, internal conflicts, and stagnation

Thomas Klikauer: Germany’s Identitarian Movement

Germany’s semi-fascist Identitarian Movement, like all right-wing extremists and adjacent Neo-Nazis, rejects the democratic order of Germany fighting with public stunts and violent force against democracy

Thomas Klikauer: German Contract Workers and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Please Help ZNet             Posted by Thomas Klikauer, György Széll and Meg Young When the Coronavirus pandemic hits Germany, contract worker Thomas Müntzer lost his job. So did thousands of his colleagues. Largely bypassed by the media, most Germans hardly noticed these massive job losses among contract workers. When factory Read more…

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