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Łukasz Dąbrowiecki: Germany’s Collective Alternative to the Private Housing Swindle

In cities across Germany, the Mietshäuser Syndikat is helping working-class people to set up collective housing projects – and taking homes out of the hands of profiteers for good

Alejandra Zaga Mendez: Die Linke and Québec Solidaire Want to Rebuild Class Politics

Die Linke’s Stefan Liebich recently met with members of Québec solidaire to talk politics

Ilan Pappe: Germany’s Position on Palestine: Twice on the Wrong Side of History?

Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians is racist to its very core, and one cannot create hierarchies of racism or a club of “accepted” racism, or a legitimate one

Victor Grossman: War, Peace and Ukraine

The obvious plans in Washington and Berlin are to continue or expand the fighting, regardless of human losses until Russia is defeated or taken over

Michael Makowski: What Germany’s Rearmament Means for World Peace

The so-called Zeitenwende is Germany’s biggest rearmament since World War II and makes its military budget the third largest in the world

Victor Grossman: Russia and Ukraine: Notes From Berlin

Any remaining uncertainties I may have had on one question disappeared; this war is a crime, an awful crime; it is correct that so many are demonstrating and demanding an end to it

Michael Hudson: America defeats Germany for the third time in a century

The most enormous unintended consequence of U.S. foreign policy has been to drive Russia and China together, along with Iran, Central Asia and other countries along the Belt and Road initiative

Juan Cole: Will Germany’s Pause of Russian Gas Pipeline over Ukraine Galvanize its Green Energy Switch?

It seems at least possible that a cancellation of Nord Stream 2 could strengthen the hand of the Greens within the ruling national government

Amanda Priebe: Rethinking land and relation in Berlin’s struggle for housing justice

It remains unclear whether the referendum’s mandate will be implemented by a bureaucratic regime still very much beholden to corporate interests and the real estate lobby

Thomas Klikauer: The Five (Rosa) Luxemburgs

In January 2022, the East-Germany city of Leipzig started to host an exhibition about the siblings of one of Germany’s greatest anti-war activists, working class speaker, theoretician of mass strike, and a struggling working class: Rosa Luxemburg

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