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Victor Grossman: Some Come, Others Go

The pressure to move instead towards diplomacy, détente and demilitarization – to safeguard our troubled world – now on Trump, after January 20 hopefully on Biden, must grow and grow

Ali Abunimah: German anti-Semitism chief must resign, say Jewish and Israeli scholars

As Israel moves towards annexing large parts of the occupied West Bank, the scholars say that “the need for loud international criticism and opposition is only growing,” but Klein keeps “chilling the public and political debate in Germany and beyond.”

Thomas Klikauer: Right-Wing Resentment in Germany

Source: Countercurrents The rise of AfD right-wing extremism may well threaten Germany’s democratic society Photo by Corinna Haselmayer   The rise of AfD right-wing extremism may well threaten Germany’s democratic society. It applies even more since the AfD mutated into Björn Höcke’s national-revolutionary movement party while also moving [its focus] from the earlier scapegoat (the Read more…

Victor Grossman: On Asparagus and Bombers

How much better if Germans no longer had no more war plans to chew on but rather, very peacefully, asparagus – and far longer than any St. John’s day deadlines

Victor Grossman: What Can Normalcy Bring?

“This must encourage the European Left to free itself from any accommodation with the capitalist system and formulate the goal of a socialist world!”

Nikos Raptis: Not So Strange Hate

This is year 2020 of our Lord! Can one say today that Donald Trump can be a man of “strange” hate? That is, that Trump hates the American people?

Benjamin Wehrmann: Climate after corona

Green stimulus package could boost the economic recovery

Victor Grossman: Breakthroughs

In Germany, much as in the USA, political poles are getting more sharply defined than ever. Will the results be good or bad?

Philip Oltermann: Far-right murders in Hanau spark anger and fear

‘Who is there to protect us?’

Victor Grossman: A Fascist Coup

For the very first time, a state government – in Thuringia – was able to achieve rule with the support of the far, far right Alternative for Germany (AfD), a party whose leaders are in a continuous flirt with Nazi phrases, Nazi goals and Nazi methods

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