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Juan Cole: German Ambassador 1933: “Hostility to Jews Aimed Mainly at ‘Immigrants’”

The excerpts of these two newspaper articles can be read as allegories for our own moment, substituting Trumpism for national socialism and Muslims for Jews

Victor Grossman: The Yanks are Coming! The Yanks are Coming!!

2017 had hardly begun in Germany’s port of Bremerhaven when 4000 lads and lasses in Yankee uniform disembarked and unloaded

Juan Cole: Trump blames Muslim immigrants for Turkey, Berlin Violence

Gandhi said that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. If the German and American publics allow the radical trolls to win, that is where the whole world is going

Katja Kipping: The German left isn’t buried yet, says Linke leader

The rise of the anti-refugee right party Alternative for Germany (AfD) makes conceivable what was not imaginable a few years ago: an alliance of the left-wing parties leading the government

Victor Grossman: An Omen for the 2017 German Federal Elections?

Last Saturday, one day before the Berlin vote, there were demonstrations against CETA and TTIP in seven major cities, supported by many organizations on the left

Victor Grossman: Northern Nastiness

Every time the LINKE joined up in a state coalition it lost many voters and ended up far weaker than before. Will it make this same mistake after the Berlin election?

Victor Grossman: From Germany: Horror and Sorrow

A report from Berlin on causes of the spate of violence striking Germany and across Europe

Emilio Godoy: Germany’s Energy Transition: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In Germany, wind and solar energy coexist with energy generated by burning fossil fuels. A wind farm next to one of the electric power plants fired by lignite in the Western state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Credit: Emilio Godoy/IPS COLOGNE, Germany, Jul 19 2016 (IPS) – Immerath, 90 km away from the German city of Cologne, Read more…

Norman Solomon: The Most Important US Air Force Base You’ve Never Heard Of

Ramstein, Germany, is the hub for America’s global drone war, from North Africa to South Asia

Loren Balhorn: Die Linke: Ten Years On

A decade after its formation, can Germany’s Die Linke manage its contradictions and live up to its promise?

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