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Julian Wettengel: Drop in coal use pushes Germany closer to 2020 climate target

Merkel’s Germany dumps 20% of Its Coal Use, CO2 Falls 7%, Renewables at 40%

Thomas Klikauer: Eastern Germans voting for the Alternative for Germany

On 27th October 2019, the East-German state of Thuringia held an election. Thuringia’s 2.1 million people live in one of the most western states of the former East-Germany, almost right in the centre of Germany. The state borders the state of Hessen to the west and the state of Saxony to the east.  Out of Read more…

Mario Candeias: What Now, Die Linke?

Three suggestions for a debate on strategy

Victor Grossman: Big Rallies and Big Differences

Looking out my window at the wide Karl Marx Allee boulevard below, I have seen many a big May Day parade march by in the old GDR days, and many a passing bicycle race or Marathon. Recently, for the first time, I saw a slow, endless column of green or yellow tractors. I learned later Read more…

Bertie Russell: This small German town took back the power – and went fully renewable

Wolfhagen demonstrates that innovative approaches to the ownership and governance of utilities can not only unlock further cooperative capital investment, but also create new forms of democratic engagement in their governance

Juan Cole: Turning Point in Climate Activism?

Germans Block Coal Mines with their Bodies

Thomas McGath: Berlin renters organize to expropriate the mega-landlords

Berlin’s spatial dynamics and organized working class show how to secure liveable spaces and combat the financial nature of housing: socialize them

Victor Grossman: The Wall and General Pyrrhus

Media jubilation reaches a climax on November 9th, thirty years after the bumbling, perhaps even misunderstood decision to open the gate for all East Germans to stream through, hasten to the nearest West Berlin bank for their “welcome present“ of 100 prized West German marks, and taste the joys of the western free market system. Read more…

Victor Grossman: Election Rollercoaster in Eastern Germany

Germany is really riding a rollercoaster these days, but this is no amusement park; there’s lots of suspense but rarely joy – and quite a few politicians are very unwell! Not only politicians! Well then, who’s climbing, who’s plunging? Look quick – it’s moving fast! Heading screechingly downward are the two traditionally main parties: the Read more…

David O'Connell: When German Unions Built Housing for the People

In postwar Germany, a cooperative run by trade unionists created Europe’s largest housing company. Building over 400,000 homes, “Neue Heimat” showed we don’t have to live on the terms dictated by landlords — we can take control for ourselves

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