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Victor Grossman: Mixed Joy and Great Sorrow

State elections in eastern Germany on September 1 brought mixed joy to some and great sorrow to others. With many, it was less joy than sighs of relief; neither Saxon nor Brandenburg voters gave the far-right, fascist-leaning Alternative for Germany (AfD) the Number One position it had hungered for. In Saxony this was prevented by Read more…

Thomas Klikauer: East German Neo-Nazis Celebrate After Big Election Win

Germany’s semi-Neo-Nazi party, the AfD made significant gains with about 2/3 of the voting population actually voting

Noah Barkin: Germany’s Future Is Being Decided on the Left, Not the Far Right

In the past, the Greens were happy if they scraped into regional assemblies in eastern Germany. Now the party is luring voters keen to stop the far right

Victor Grossman: Warnings Ancient And Modern

The beautiful but disturbed city of Dresden, Saxony’s capital, has become the center of a rightward turn

Juan Cole: Germany, France Refuse Trump’s Operation against Tehran

The government of Angela Merkel in Germany has rejected participation in the the Trump administration’s naval mission, “Operation Sentinel”

Sibylle Kaczorek: Fighting the far right in Germany

Interview with a member of Germany’s main left party, Die Linke, and an activist with Stand Up Against Racism!

Philip Oltermann: Berlin’s Rental Revolution

Activists Push for Properties to be Nationalised

Victor Grossman: Women Marchers and Absentees

How good it was to see so many young people on the move, with an amazing variety of placards, signs, flags and posters, mostly hand-made, with countless clever slogans, aggressive against patriarchy

Jeff Ordower: On the Road with the German Climate Resistance

The Rigors of Organizing

Ingar Solty: Talking About Power

The Social Democrats have collapsed. Die Linke is divided. Will the German left ever be able to contend for power?

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