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Victor Grossman: Groko or No Groko?

The mostly youthful NO GROKO forces have taken a tip from Jeremy Corbyn’s success in upsetting the hidebound and/or corrupt

David Bacon: We Must Honor Those Who Fought White Supremacy

As Germany Honors Those Who Fought Fascism

Victor Grossman: Crisis In Germany?

Unless ways are found to reach large numbers of the worried and dissatisfied, the menaces facing Germany – and perhaps world neighbors, near and far, will hardly be dispelled

Robert Fisk: Lessons to be Learned From WW II

It’s worth remembering this museum – and that room – now that the right has returned to Germany’s political life

Mark Bergfeld: Victory in Stagnation?

Die Linke’s electoral result shows what the party must do to really contend for power

Victor Grossman: Merkel Clobbered While Rightists Threaten

One eighth of the voters, almost 13 percent, vented their anger in an extremely dangerous direction – for the young Alternative for Germany party, whose leaders are loosely divided between far right racists and extreme right racists

Thomas Klikauer: Nazis March into Germany’s Parliament

It was German conservatism that made Hitler possible. In 2017, one might hope that German conservatism has learned its historic lesson

George Monbiot: The Smog Chancellor

Who is the world’s leading environmental vandal? The answer may surprise you

Laurie Marhoefer: Lessons from German history

The cause Heather Heyer died for is best defended by avoiding the physical confrontation that the people who are responsible for her death want

Victor Grossman: Charlottesville and Thuringia

The sirens and shouted curses from Charlottesville resounded all too audibly even here in far-off Germany. Little imagination was required; how well we know such brutal faces, twisted with hatred, the racist epithets and threats! Sometimes we even heard the ugly words in German: Sieg Heil! Scenarios like that, not only as echoes from the Read more…

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