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Philip Oltermann: Berlin’s Rental Revolution

Activists Push for Properties to be Nationalised

Victor Grossman: Women Marchers and Absentees

How good it was to see so many young people on the move, with an amazing variety of placards, signs, flags and posters, mostly hand-made, with countless clever slogans, aggressive against patriarchy

Jeff Ordower: On the Road with the German Climate Resistance

The Rigors of Organizing

Ingar Solty: Talking About Power

The Social Democrats have collapsed. Die Linke is divided. Will the German left ever be able to contend for power?

Victor Grossman: Sighs of Relief

Germany’s feverish political scene cooled off just a little. Two big sighs of relief permitted some people, at least temporarily, to stop chewing their fingernails

Victor Grossman: A Political Seesaw in Germany

While Americans teetered, arguing as to which side gained more in the elections, Germans have been balancing on a seesaw of their own – which can also have decisive consequences

Robert Scott Kellner: This Is Where Antisemitism Leads

“This imbecile has us especially close to his heart. He makes no secret of his hateful feelings. He does not greet my wife at all and ignores me unless it’s for official business,” wrote Friedrich Kellner, courthouse administrator in the small German town of Laubach, on January 23, 1943. The “imbecile” was Heinrich Scherdt, the Read more…

Common Dreams Staff: “UnTrump the World”

Hundreds of Thousands March in Berlin Against the Far Right

Jenny HIll: Germany protest: Tens of thousands march against far right

More than 100,000 people have been marching in the German capital Berlin to protest against xenophobia and the increasing influence of the far right

Victor Grossman: Both Hate and Hope

The events in the Saxon city of Chemnitz were truly frightening. The sight of thick-skulled, Nazi-tattooed thugs growling threats as they stormed through the city center, chasing and beating up presumed “foreigners”, unfriendly journalists or any other foes; invoked memories of Charlottesville a year ago – or Germany in the 1930’s; stretched-arm Hitler salutes from Read more…

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