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Thomas Klikauer: The Origins of Nazi Violence

Unwillingly or unwittingly, Germany’s institutions to fight right-wing terrorism set up during the 1920s has established a dangerous precedent

D. L. Mayfield: The Good White Christian Women of Nazi Germany

Despite what you’ve read, most of them didn’t resist

Victor Grossman: Scandals, Elections, Emergencies

Germany, once viewed as an exaggerated model of exactitude and discipline, is currently in a muddle

Cornelia Hildebrandt: Winds of change in Die LINKE

Feminist, environmental and social issues brought to the fore

Victor Grossman: Surprise on the Left

Unlike the angry quarrels, hostility and near split-ups which troubled some earlier congresses, this time there was an amiable, friendly atmosphere throughout

Victor Grossman: Echoes and Elections

How will the next German leaders regard Biden’s Washington?

Nikos Raptis: Nazis, ‘Commies’, etc (Part 1)

So, on the basis of my experience on Nazis and on assorted dictators, my guesstimate as to the number of Nazis and crypto-Nazis in any given population is: around 30 %

Victor Grossman: An Icy Rally With Burning Demands

The rally, organized by the peace movement with a motto best translated as “Don’t Arm, Disarm!”, called on legislators to reject a big hike in the armament budget, now up for debate

Alban Werner: Transform, or else

For Kipping and Riexinger, it all began eight years ago. Who will now succeed them?

Victor Grossman: Which Way, Germany?

ore working-class muscles, politically speaking, might, like those ferrymen long ago, help the divided party to move and grow. It will be needed

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