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Frederik Blauwhof: Germany: Resisting the nazis on the shop floor

A look at the rise of the far right in Germany and the trade union movement’s response

Victor Grossman: Chicken Games and Rotten Eggs in Germany

Germany’s politicians played the chicken game last week, testing which party, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union or its Bavarian “sister party”, Horst Seehofer’s Christian Social Union, would be the first to swerve

Robert Mackey: Trump Lies About Germany, Again

Casting Immigrants as an Existential Threat

Robert Mackey: Germans Appalled by Threat From Trump’s Ambassador

Richard Grenell promised to use his office to help far-right nationalists inspired by Donald Trump take power across Europe

Badri Raina: Two Faces

The more the Left distances itself from efforts to construct a pan-Indian alternative to right-wing totalitarianism, the more vestigial it will become

Klaus Dörre: Germany’s 28-Hour Workweek

Last month German metal workers won the right to a 28-hour workweek — after going on strike to demand a better work-life balance

Victor Grossman: Groko or No Groko?

The mostly youthful NO GROKO forces have taken a tip from Jeremy Corbyn’s success in upsetting the hidebound and/or corrupt

David Bacon: We Must Honor Those Who Fought White Supremacy

As Germany Honors Those Who Fought Fascism

Victor Grossman: Crisis In Germany?

Unless ways are found to reach large numbers of the worried and dissatisfied, the menaces facing Germany – and perhaps world neighbors, near and far, will hardly be dispelled

Robert Fisk: Lessons to be Learned From WW II

It’s worth remembering this museum – and that room – now that the right has returned to Germany’s political life

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