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Lorenzo Zamponi: Italian movements after the triumph of the Five Star Movement

The new populist party captured public anger against austerity and corrupt elites more successfully than the radical left. So where next for the left as Pasokification takes hold?

Conn Hallinan: Italian Elections and Immigration

The right is resurgent, the left embattled, and the issue drawing the greatest fire and fury has little to do with the economic malaise that has gripped the country since the great economic crash of 2008

Michele Prospero: There’s no ‘red scare’

So what is right-wing violence about?

Tom Gill: The Cold Chill of Reality Returns to Italy

The biggest prize for the new radical left party could be Italy’s youth, the group with the biggest stake in radical change

Massimo Franchi: Amazon workers strike on Black Friday

Work at Amazon’s distribution warehouses in Italy is backbreaking, and thousands of employees are part time and permanently on call. “It is a grim form of exploitation”

Frank Barat: No TAV

Feeding the fire of resistance in northern Italy

Juan Cole: One day in May

On one day in May, Italy met 87% of its electricity production needs from renewables

Mark Weisbrot: Italy’s political troubles have deep economic roots

To recreate an economy that would give young Italians a future without having to leave the country, the country would have to leave the euro

Riccardo Mastini: A perfect institutional storm is brewing in Italy

Changes to the constitution and the new electoral law in Italy are likely to play into the hands of the government and gag parliamentary opposition

Dick Nichols: Italian constitutional referendum: next win for ‘populism’?

“The mother of all wars”: that’s how, in the September issue of the left magazine Critica Marxista, constitutional law professor Claudio De Fiores described the campaign around Italy’s referendum on amending the country’s 1948 constitution. It was no exaggeration. As voting day (December 4) approaches, prominent Italian politicians opposed to the change are talking about Read more…

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