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Mark Weisbrot: Italy’s political troubles have deep economic roots

To recreate an economy that would give young Italians a future without having to leave the country, the country would have to leave the euro

Riccardo Mastini: A perfect institutional storm is brewing in Italy

Changes to the constitution and the new electoral law in Italy are likely to play into the hands of the government and gag parliamentary opposition

Dick Nichols: Italian constitutional referendum: next win for ‘populism’?

“The mother of all wars”: that’s how, in the September issue of the left magazine Critica Marxista, constitutional law professor Claudio De Fiores described the campaign around Italy’s referendum on amending the country’s 1948 constitution. It was no exaggeration. As voting day (December 4) approaches, prominent Italian politicians opposed to the change are talking about Read more…

Jasper Finkeldey: Naples rising: rebel youth movements buzz in the old city

Naples’ citizens suffer from the multiple hardships of unemployment, austerity and mismanagement. Social movements jump in where institutions fail

Richard Braude: A Barricade in Limbo: The Occupiers of La Locanda

The angry and defiant voices of the occupiers of La Locanda, may be the only hope for the ending such a system

Andrea Muehlebach: How to kill the demos: the water struggle in Italy

The politics of water in Italy starkly reveals the crisis of legitimacy that is rocking governments and compels us to ask how democracy can be regained

David Swanson: War Is a Force That Gives Us Idiocy

A war is not an ennobling adventure. Watching lies about it on television is not the same as “living” it would be

Danica Jorden: Our Seas: End of Mare Nostrum Spells Death in the Mediterranean

“Here we are, once again, in front of another tragedy, weeping for children who died in search of a future”

Dominique Vidal: Buying back ‘il manifesto’

The paper that came out of the Italian Communist Party of the 1960s has struggled on into a changed political and media world

Alfredo Mazzamauro: “An Injury to All”

Class struggle is back in Italy

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