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Luciana Castellina: Il manifesto at 50: Our responsibility toward this project

I am restless because I am aware of the dramatic nature of all the epoch-making problems we are facing and of the extreme inadequacy of our forces. But at the same time I feel that ‘the social movement is much richer in energy than the political avant-garde can express.’

Giacomo Turci: Tens of Thousands of Amazon Workers Went on Strike in Italy

Last Tuesday saw the biggest strike that Amazon has ever experienced in Europe, with thousands of workers participating

Massimo Franchi: Nearly every Amazon supply chain worker in Italy went on strike

The world’s first Amazon supply chain strike was a success, with an average adhesion of 70-75%, with peaks of 90%.

Salvatore Prinzi: The complexity of Italy’s anti-lockdown protests

Italian authorities have blamed “fringe elements” for the violence during the anti-lockdown protests, but the reality on the ground tells a different story

Romana Rubeo: Zionist War on Palestinian Festival in Rome is Ominous Sign of Things to Come

The sad truth is that, although Italy is not often associated with a ‘powerful’ pro-Israel lobby as is the case in Washington, the pro-Israel influence in Italy is just as dangerous

Loris Caruso: Memo to the Left: Winning Votes is Not ‘Selling Out’

We do not have to choose between “winning” or “bearing witness and representing.” There is no contradiction. In order to bear witness and represent, people must put themselves forward as candidates for social and political victory

Ramzy Baroud: 100 Years of Shame

Annexation of Palestine Began in San Remo

Francesca Melandri: A letter from Italy

An author in Rome describes her experiences of lockdown

Dario Antonelli: ‘A beautiful thing’: the African migrants getting healthy food to Italians

After years of exploitation, former fruit pickers set up a co-operative near Rome selling vegetables and yoghurt. Now they are working ‘twice as hard’ to get supplies to families under lockdown

Conn Hallinan: The Corona Virus & Immigration

How Austerity and Anti-immigrant Politics Left Italy Exposed

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