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Danica Jorden: Our Seas: End of Mare Nostrum Spells Death in the Mediterranean

“Here we are, once again, in front of another tragedy, weeping for children who died in search of a future”

Dominique Vidal: Buying back ‘il manifesto’

The paper that came out of the Italian Communist Party of the 1960s has struggled on into a changed political and media world

Alfredo Mazzamauro: “An Injury to All”

Class struggle is back in Italy

Richard Falk: A Tale of Two Cities: Istanbul and Rome

It is no wonder that Istanbul and Rome are rated the first and second favorite cities in the world

Perry Anderson: The Italian Disaster

Europe is ill

Roberto Musacchio: The Italian Left Backing Tsipras

The project is called “The Different Europe with Alexis Tsipras”. Predictions indicate it could surpass, maybe even easily, the 4% electoral threshold

Jérôme Roos: Mobilizing for the Common: Some Lessons from Italy

Saturday’s protest in Rome was the latest in a series of actions around a common project. What can organizers elsewhere learn from Italy’s movements?

Felipe Correa: The Political Thought of Errico Malatesta

Errico Malatesta (1853-1932) was an important Italian anarchist that contributed, in theory and practice, to the trajectory of anarchism in a lot of countries

Alfredo Mazzamauro: ‘Only One Big Project’: Italy’s Burgeoning Social Movements

In the context of a deepening housing crisis, Italy’s movements are becoming increasingly united in their opposition to neoliberalism and austerity

Glenn Greenwald: Revealed: How the NSA Targets Italy

A special unit operating under cover and protected by diplomatic immunity, assigned to a very sensitive mission: to spy on the communication of the Italian leadership. That is what top secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden and published in Italy exclusively by l’Espresso in collaboration with “la Repubblica” reveal. A file mentions the “Special Collection Read more…

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