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Medea Benjamin: “End War in Ukraine” Say 66 Nations at UN General Assembly

The 66 nations that called for peace in Ukraine make up more than a third of the countries in the world

Noam Chomsky: US Must Join Global Call for Negotiations as Russia Escalates Actions

The U.S. must join the rest of the world in calling for negotiations, not because Putin can be trusted, but because negotiations are our best hope for averting disaster

Noam Chomsky: The War in Ukraine Has Entered a New Phase

The escalation ladder from limited to terminal nuclear war is all too easy to climb

John Feffer: As Falls Russia, So Falls the World

Exceptionalism Goes Global

Lee Camp: How the US and UK Stopped Peace Deal in Ukraine

Way back in April, Russia and Ukraine had tentatively agreed to a peace deal. A deal that could’ve ended all this senseless killing

Alice Speri: U.S. Military Aid to Ukraine Grows to Historic Proportions — Along With Risks

Ukraine is on track to become the largest recipient of U.S military assistance in the last century. But questions surround the policy

Veronika Ptitsyna: Moscow’s local elections: A fight against despair

Many activists view the elections as a vote on the war in Ukraine – and a chance to prove a desire for democracy

Adam Abdelmoula: Famine by October?

Somalia & East Africa Face Humanitarian Crisis Amid Climate Change, Ukraine War

John Feffer: Learning from Gorbachev’s Failures

As we address the climate emergency, what lessons can we extract from Gorbachev’s efforts to transform the Soviet Union?

Walden Bello: Gorbachev Rode the Tiger and Ended Up Inside It

The late Soviet leader ended the Cold War, but his botched reforms opened the way to Russia’s modern crony capitalism

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