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Juan Cole: Trump walks Alone

Former US Allies Britain, France, Germany join Russia and China in Forcefully Rejecting Trump Iran Sanctions

Patrick Cockburn: The UK and US are Starting a New Cold War with Russia and China

What are These Governments Trying to Hide?

Richard Falk: Will China be the New Russia?

The Future of American Geopolitics

Sonali Kolhatkar: Instead of Focusing on Bounties, Why Doesn’t the U.S. End the Afghan War?

Lawmakers are outraged over a recent story alleging that Vladimir Putin may be paying off Taliban soldiers to kill U.S. troops. But why are those troops still in Afghanistan?

Gareth Porter: How the Pentagon failed to sell Afghan government’s bunk ‘Bountygate’

Another New York Times Russiagate bombshell turns out to be a dud, as dodgy stories spun out by Afghan intelligence and exploited by the Pentagon ultimately failed to convince US intelligence agencies

Scott Ritter: BOUNTYGATE

Scapegoating Systemic Military Failure in Afghanistan

Juan Cole: Russia shoots down “Ridiculous” Trump demand for Arms Embargo on Tehran

The Neoconservative wing of the Trump administration, which is dying to drag the United States into a war with Iran, suffered an embarrassing setback on Monday when its latest flimsy scheme crashed and burned.

Glenn Greenwald: Media “tragically vindicated” Trump by overhyping Russiagate

“We were all so much more fascinated by this superficial, melodramatic espionage thriller that has completely destroyed the credibility of the U.S. media.”

Conn Hallinan: Plague & War

Military Spending and the Pandemic

Mehmet Ozalp: Turkey and Russia lock horns in Syria as fear of outright war escalates

As the nine-year Syrian civil war enters its final turn, Turkey and Russia, long-time allies in Syria, are on the brink of war over the Syrian province of Idlib

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