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Robert Fisk: Putin main player in Middle East

It would be Russia who does the rebuilding of Syria after the war and Saudi Arabia who paid for it. The two vast oil nations now seem to be set on a course of mutual collaboration

Mark Evans: The Classist Dynamic of Democratic Centralism

My Contribution to the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution

Mikhail Gorbachev: My plea to the presidents of Russia and U.S.

Relations between the two nations are in a severe crisis. A way out must be sought, and there is one well-tested means available for accomplishing this: a dialogue based on mutual respect

Ryan Lizza: Dizzying Trump-Russia Revelations

The possible outcomes of the Russia investigation have always been wildly divergent. On one end of the spectrum, it is possible that the Russian government penetrated deep inside the Trump campaign—perhaps with the candidate’s knowledge—and the two entities knowingly colluded in a clearly illegal and perhaps treasonous manner, which could lead to a delegitimization of Read more…

Edward Snowden: ‘There Is Still Hope – Even for Me’

Interview on life in Russia, the power of the intelligence apparatuses and continuing to battle against all-encompassing surveillance by governments.

Patrick Bond: Capitalist ‘deglobalization’

BRICS Xiamen summit doomed by centrifugal economics

Edward Herman: Fake News on Official Enemies

The New York Times, 1917–2017

Edward S. Herman: “Meddling in Fake News and the Real World”

The United States outclasses Russia and its predecessor, the Soviet Union, in both the number, and frequency of resort to violence, in their interventions in foreign elections.

Patrick Bond: Falling BRICS

Most of the BRICS countries have witnessed sustained protests, many against corruption, environmental destruction and labor abuse

Vijay Prashad: Revolution of Ordinary People

This tidal wave was lifted by ordinary people – factory workers, landless peasants, housewives, soldiers, students and those who barely found the means to survive

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