Category: Russia

Scott Ritter: Conflict with Russia in the Black Sea?

The NATO-Ukraine Sea Breeze exercise could ultimately help create the circumstances for real conflict with Russia in the Black Sea

Norman Solomon: How Democrats and Progressives Undermined the Potential of the Biden-Putin Summit

President Biden has excelled at gratuitous and dangerous rhetoric about Russia

Dean Baker: Hot Tip for the NYT on Vaccines

There Are These Two Countries Called Russia and China

Ken Bank: The 100 Year Anniversary of the Kronstadt Rebellion

The struggle against repressive bureaucrats and authoritarian dictatorships continues to inspire democratic socialists and even anarchists to this day

Maria Koltsova: ‘The word feminism is still a trigger’

Russia’s feminists in their own words

Lawrence Wittner: The Major Powers Increased Their Military Spending in 2020

Perhaps, someday, people will ask whether increasing preparations for war was the best these governments could do as their populations sank into widespread disease, death, and poverty

Karl Grossman: The Russia/China Space Weaponization Treaty

The U.S. mission to dominate and control the military use of space has been, historically and at present, a major obstacle to achieving nuclear disarmament

Patrick Cockburn: A Cold War Mindset

Focusing on injustices in just a few ‘bad’ nations is a dangerous game

Boris Kagarlitsky: Putin, Navalny, and the left: The coming political crisis in Russia

Interview on the tectonic shifts taking place in Russian politics—and what Western media gets wrong about Russia

Noam Chomsky: Biden’s Foreign Policy Is Largely Indistinguishable From Trump’s

U.S. policy might help create a more serious challenge by confrontational and hostile acts that drive Russia and China closer together in reaction

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