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Pavel Lisyansky: “When there’s a problem, people come to us”

Interview on why Russia’s presence in the Donbas has proved a disaster for the labor movement

Federico Fuentes: Global unions call on Zelensky to veto anti-worker laws

International trade unions are calling on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to veto two anti-worker bills

Ira Helfand: Warnings Grow as Tensions Escalate Between U.S., Russia & China

The U.N. warned this week that humanity is “one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation”

Erika Schelby: The War in Ukraine Has Devastated the Nation’s Ecosystems

Just one bomb releases a slew of toxic heavy metals into Ukraine’s soil and groundwater. Now multiply this by thousands

Niamh Ní Bhriain: Hold Fire

Why we must reject militarism for peace

Boris Kagarlitsky: Putin’s growing domestic crisis

‘People will not fight for this regime’

Ben Burgis: We Should Have Listened to Bernie Sanders About Ukraine

In early February, Sanders advocated US involvement in peace talks to head off an “enormously destructive war” in Ukraine. We should have listened

Nina Khrushcheva: Collective Punishment “Plays into Putin’s Hands.”

“Don’t Cancel Russian Culture.”

John Feffer: The Weaponization of Food

Russia and Ukraine have come to an agreement on food exports. Will the deal hold?

Azamat Ismailov: How workers are fighting for their rights in Putin’s Russia

There are no strikes in Russia, say officials. But sociologist Pyotr Bizyukov is monitoring what’s really happening

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