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Scott Ritter: BOUNTYGATE

Scapegoating Systemic Military Failure in Afghanistan

Juan Cole: Russia shoots down “Ridiculous” Trump demand for Arms Embargo on Tehran

The Neoconservative wing of the Trump administration, which is dying to drag the United States into a war with Iran, suffered an embarrassing setback on Monday when its latest flimsy scheme crashed and burned.

Glenn Greenwald: Media “tragically vindicated” Trump by overhyping Russiagate

“We were all so much more fascinated by this superficial, melodramatic espionage thriller that has completely destroyed the credibility of the U.S. media.”

Conn Hallinan: Plague & War

Military Spending and the Pandemic

Mehmet Ozalp: Turkey and Russia lock horns in Syria as fear of outright war escalates

As the nine-year Syrian civil war enters its final turn, Turkey and Russia, long-time allies in Syria, are on the brink of war over the Syrian province of Idlib

Ramzy Baroud: Pipeline or a Pipedream

Israel, Turkey Hydrocarbon Conflict is Brewing in the Mediterranean

Andrea Mazzarino: Women and Trauma in the Trump/Putin Era

Photo by Ms Jane Campbell/   Last month, as hundreds of thousands of people showed up for the Women’s March in Washington, DC, a few miles from my home, I was at a karate dojo testing for my first belt. My fellow practitioners, ranging in age from five into their seventies, looked on as I Read more…

Juan Cole: Turkey mobilizes for war with Syria and Russia

Nearly 3 Dozen Turkish Troops Killed

Juan Cole: Russian Petro-state is terrified of a Sanders Presidency

How do I know that Russia would actually hate, abhor and despise a Sanders presidency? Because Sanders’s Green New Deal would bankrupt Russia

Andrea Mazzarino: “We’ve Been Attacked!”

Women and Trauma in the Trump-Putin Era

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