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David Companyon: A Question of True Democracy

Freedoms and rights are at the centre of the debate for all democrats, and especially those of us who defend a nation’s right to decide

Tom H. Hastings: Catalonia to Cascadia

Since last November many of us in many places in the U.S. have heightened dreams of secession, of new nation-states, new sovereignty.

Common Dreams Staff: ‘Freedom for the Political Prisoners’

Hundreds of Thousands March in Barcelona

Dick Nichols: Europe’s critical battle for democracy

Any socialist, any progressive, any democrat will be doing what they can to help tip the balance in favour of what would be an enormous victory over Europe’s forces of darkness

Josep Maria Antentas: Whither Catalonia?

The independence movement is principally based in the middle class, public employees, and youth

Carles Puigdemont: This is about democracy

Spain has imposed a political agenda that goes against the will of the majority of Catalans. We will defend our rights to the end

Ignasi Bernat: A rebellion against nationalism

Catalonia’s independence movement is driven by solidarity – and resistance to far-right Spanish nationalists

Mark Weisbrot: Economic Failure in Spain

The number of people deemed to be at risk for poverty and social exclusion is at 27.9 percent

Pauline Murphy: From Ireland to Catalonia

The Struggle for Independence:

Dick Nichols: Resisting Spanish state war

The movement for Catalan sovereignty will be fighting to make the activation of article 155 the starting point of the Spanish establishment’s Vietnam

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