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Hana Srebotnjak: Why feminists should focus on sorority and not independence

The “Feminist Republic” and the “Catalan Republic”, as they have been jointly sported on banners in recent pro-independence and feminist demonstrations, are a guarantee of nothing in themselves

Various Contributors: Massive marches in Spain display the strength of the feminist movement

Demonstrations on International Women’s Day, brought out an estimated 350,000 protestors in Madrid and 200,000 in Barcelona

Ignasi Bernat: Criminalising political opposition in Catalonia

It is nothing short of remarkable that the justice system in a modern European state can proceed in this way, with lists of political opponents who are lined up for arrest and immediate imprisonment

Dick Nichols: Spain’s ‘socialist’ government to US: ‘Coup against Maduro? We’re in!’

Clearly, the job of all people opposed to the Trump administration coup is to mobilise to make this dilemma as excruciating as possible for the “socialists” backing the Washington warmongers

Conn Hallinan: Spanish Elections a Lesson for the Left

In what seems a replay of recent German and Italian elections, an openly authoritarian and racist party made major electoral gains in Spain’s most populous province, Andalusia

Eoghan Gilmartin: The Mayors and the Movements

In 2015, a wave of social movements lifted left-wing mayors to power in Spain. Their experience in office shows the importance of linking institutional power to bottom-up mobilization

Tom Gill: Spain’s Left Turn?

What’s happening in Spain is good news – but if it simply amounts to tinkering at the edges of austerity the risks are high that it will sooner or later run into the sand

Rocío Ros Rebollo: Spain’s ‘Las Kellys’ hotel cleaners

From gruelling working conditions to more limited access to healthcare, austerity policies have hit women hardest. But they are fighting back

Ignasi Bernat: Catalonia: A new king with old rules

It might seem like the fall of Rajoy’s government bodes well for Catalonia. Not so fast

Conn Hallinan: Can Spain’s Socialists Avoid Their Past Pitfalls?

The new Spanish government has a mixed record on both austerity and regional democracy. To stay in power, it’ll have to do better on both

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