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Eoghan Gilmartin: The Mayors and the Movements

In 2015, a wave of social movements lifted left-wing mayors to power in Spain. Their experience in office shows the importance of linking institutional power to bottom-up mobilization

Tom Gill: Spain’s Left Turn?

What’s happening in Spain is good news – but if it simply amounts to tinkering at the edges of austerity the risks are high that it will sooner or later run into the sand

Rocío Ros Rebollo: Spain’s ‘Las Kellys’ hotel cleaners

From gruelling working conditions to more limited access to healthcare, austerity policies have hit women hardest. But they are fighting back

Ignasi Bernat: Catalonia: A new king with old rules

It might seem like the fall of Rajoy’s government bodes well for Catalonia. Not so fast

Conn Hallinan: Can Spain’s Socialists Avoid Their Past Pitfalls?

The new Spanish government has a mixed record on both austerity and regional democracy. To stay in power, it’ll have to do better on both

Dick Nichols: Spanish state: How and why the Rajoy government fell

We should celebrate the downfall of Europe’s most corrupt government and the humiliation of its backers at the hands of a coalition that had no choice but to give effective voice to the people’s disgust with the state’s political sewer

Kate Aronoff: What Does Spain’s New Socialist Government Want?

After a raucous several days in parliament, Spain, much to the surprise of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, is now helmed by its leader Pedro Sánchez

Ignasi Bernat: Spain’s new laws turn peaceful protesters into terrorists

The Spanish central government has introduced new police powers to crack down on radical movements in Catalonia.

Marina Turi: #AlertaFeminista rallies shake Spanish cities

They are feminists, they are many of them, and they are angry

Óscar Blanco: Blockade or Return to Normality?

With spring, the thaw has arrived. The street is heating up again in response to repression

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