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Dick Nichols: ‘Surrender or we’ll take you over’

he combination of the organised movement that won on October 1 and 3 and solidarity within and beyond the borders of the Spanish state will be essential to prevent the Spanish establishment’s planned crushing of Catalonia’s national rights

Boris Kagarlitsky: Catalonia: The Revolt of the Rich?

If we want any progressive changes in Catalonia, we must not rally for its separation from Spain. We should fight for progressive changes throughout the country, instead

Antonio Carty: The Mother of Spain

The harmful and dangerous rise in polarization of Spain’s people against the region of Catalan is being deliberately provoked

Txema Guijarro: Podemos’ Alternative for Catalonia

The crisis in Catalonia is an opportunity to build a new, democratic and plurinational Spain

Andy Robinson: Can Podemos Save Spanish Democracy?

They’re offering a responsible alternative to the two sets of flag-wavers on the question of independence for Catalonia

Josep Maria Antentas: Catalonia’s paradox

October 1 shook Catalonia and the Spanish state. What happens now?

Dick Nichols: People power saves referendum

The Spanish state moves to end Catalan self-rule

Federico Demaria: Why Catalans Want Independence

More than 2.000.000 Catalans casted their vote, 90% in favour of independence

Cristina Flesher Fominaya: Spain: shall we talk?

“We need to opt for dialogue, respect and understanding. We are many, we are diverse, we are respectful, and above all we want a better country and not one infinitely worse.”

Ignasi Bernat: ‘This building will be a library!’

From referendum to general strike in Catalonia

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