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Dick Nichols: Spain: the civil war in the Socialist Party and the challenges for Podemos

In the end, on October 29, it all worked out pretty well for Mariano Rajoy. After patiently implementing his motto that “all things come to he who waits”, the leader of the minority conservative People’s Party (PP) was that day confirmed as Spain’s prime minister for a second four-year term. Two days later, Rajoy was Read more…

Victor Grossman: Spain: Remembering sacrifice of the International Brigades

In one hurrying day, eighty years ago, in Albacete, a center of Spain’s La Mancha region, a few officers somehow created quarters for five hundred men arriving the following day, then five hundred more, and more. Soon three or four thousand, somehow organized in units despite a mad variety of languages, were issued a motley Read more…

Conn Hallinan: Spain’s Turmoil & Europe’s Crisis

The left needs to hurry lest xenophobia, racism, hate and repression, the four horsemen of the right’s apocalypse, engulf Europe

Ellie Mae O'Hagan: The great Spanish hope: reflections on the 2016 Podemos party conference in Madrid

They understand politics, they lack ego, they’re interested in strategy, and they work hard

Dick Nichols: Catalonia and Spanish state: million-strong rally brings showdown closer

How long can the present rulers of the EU maintain the convenient fiction that the Catalan national question is simply a Spanish domestic issue?

Palestinian BDS National Committee: Dozens of Spanish cities declaring themselves ‘Free of Israeli Apartheid’

Cadiz, provincial capital in the autonomous community of Andalusia in the Spanish state, has become the latest municipality to pass a motion supporting the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights and declaring itself an Israeli “Apartheid Free Zone”. With a population of 120,000, Cadiz joins more than 50 cities and towns Read more…

Various Contributors: Catalans believe their problem is Spain

Up to 800,000 of people in five towns have gathered to call for speedup of separation of Catalonia from Spain, taking the movement to a new level

Yusef Quadura: Barcelona’s Wide Front

Barcelona en Comú has channeled the city’s militant social movements to mount a successful electoral project

Juan Antonio Gil de los Santos: Spain: Podemos MP on understanding transversality

Pushed to the limit, and having discovered the establishment’s deception, popular movements took to the streets to get rid of those who put their own interests above the social majority

Oscar Reyes: Five keys to understanding the Spanish election

A second Spanish general election in six months saw gains for the right-wing PP, which is again expected to form a government. But the insurgent left has also shown that it is here to stay

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