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Eoghan Gilmartin: Spain’s Democracy is Being Undermined by Deep State Actors

‘Catalangate’ has rocked Spanish politics

Lourdes Romero: A feminist foreign policy for Spain

Spain advocates for building a feminist foreign policy and is taking the first steps to do so. But where do you begin?

Héctor Tejero: Give Us a Three-Day Weekend at the Beach, Every Week

Recent trials of a four-day week in Iceland have shown the merits of a shorter working week

Carmela Negrete: What now for the Spanish Left?

The right-wing and conservatives are hurrying to declare the Spanish Left to be dead. It’s not as simple as that

Rocio Ros: ‘If you report abuse, you lose your job’

Fed up with exploitation and sexual assault, women farm workers in Spain are campaigning to make their collective voice heard

Kate Shea Baird: What happened to the municipalists in Spain?

For four years, municipalists held power in cities across Spain. Their successes and setbacks hold important lessons for municipalist activists and organizers today

Sam Pizzigati: The Justice McDonald’s Workers Seek Workers at Spain’s Mondragón Have Found

At each of Mondragón’s 96 cooperative enterprises, executives make no more than a tiny fraction of U.S. executive take-home, no more than six times what workers in the network’s Spanish co-ops make

Isa Ferrero: Pablo Iglesias quits Spanish government ‘to stop’ the far Right in Madrid

Members of the left-wing party Unidas Podemos explain their leader’s extraordinary decision to stand in Madrid’s regional elections in May

Brett Wilkins: Spain to Experiment With 4-Day Workweek

“The benefits of a four-day workweek include reduced unemployment, increased productivity, and greater employee well-being.”

Damian Wilson: Escaping Franco’s Legacy

Millions of Spaniards still remember life under fascism. Now, with lockdown’s limits on freedom compounded by the erosion of free speech under Franco-style laws, as seen by Pablo Hasél’s jailing, a new generation is fighting back

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