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Manuel Garí: Spanish state: Splendour and decline of Podemos – Reasons for a farewell

Interview on the evolution of Podemos and explains why the decision to leave was taken

Pablo Iglesias: We Want a Spanish Republic

Spanish deputy prime minister and Unidas Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias talks to Jacobin about the experience of Spain’s left in government, the current historical moment, and Podemos’s trajectory over the last six years

Juan Cole: At Townhall, Biden Promises Big Green Infrastructure and Jobs

Spain’s Example Suggests he is Right

Chris Gilbert: The Spanish State’s “Nationalization” of Clinics Resembles Privatization

The pattern of how capitalist countries respond to the crisis – namely, by putting private profit over shared wellbeing and overemphasizing individual responsibility while avoiding controls on profit-making activities that are the key sources of contagion

Kate Shea Baird: Lessons from the pandemic for the municipalists in Spain

The pandemic has damaged municipalism in Barcelona, but it has strengthened the municipalist hypothesis itself: our strength must be rooted in togetherness

Joseph Zeballos-Roig: Spain moving to establish permanent basic income in wake of coronavirus

“We’re going to do it as soon as possible. So it can be useful, not just for this extraordinary situation, and that it remains forever,” the minister of economic affairs said

Dick Nichols: The COVID-19 crisis in the Spanish state

“We can’t go on living as per usual”

Sebastiaan Faber: Spain Nationalized Private Clinics To Fight COVID-19

Spain faced the second worst infection rate in Europe, and took control of the country’s private health care companies to improve its response. What does this mean for Spain’s public health care system going forward?

María Carrión: Spain Locks Down & Nationalizes Private Healthcare

Europe is the epicenter of coronavirus, and Spain now has the second most cases in Europe, with more than 2,000 new cases in 24 hours and the number of deaths doubled

Anticapitalistas: Spain: An emergency social and political plan against COVID 19

The goal of these measures is to win the war against the coronavirus, empower the people and the working classes, strengthen their rights, weight the financial effort on those who have the most, lead and provide a political solution to popular anger and protest and cut off right-wing populist demagoguery.

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