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Peter Gelderloos: What went wrong for the municipalists in Spain?

Spain’s municipalist parties suffered a major setback at the May elections — their own actions and inactions are largely to blame for the loss of support

Laura Flanders: Ada Colau: Barcelona’s Fearless Mayor

For close to a decade now, Barcelona had been what my friend Sol Trumbo Vila calls a beacon for the possibilities of transformative change at the city level

Steve Early: “Fearless Cities”

A look at Fearless Cities: A Guide to the Global Municipalist Movement

Dick Nichols: Elections in Spain

Podemos implodes, Catalan right to decide reasserted

Sol Trumbo Trumbo Vila: Spanish municipal elections

What happened with the new municipalist projects?

J.P. Linstroth: End of an era for ETA?

May Basque peace continue

Dick Nichols: Spanish elections

The right defeated and Catalonia’s right to decide re-asserted

Conn Hallinan: Lessons from Spain for the Left

For European parties on the center-left, Spain’s elections had a message: the old days of campaigning on left social democracy when you’re running for office and ruling with careful centrism once you get into power are over. People want answers

Kate Aronoff: Spanish Socialists Running for Re-election on a “Green New Deal de España”

According to a recent survey from the European Investment Bank, 87 percent of Spaniards are worried about climate change, and 70 percent believe that it represents a threat to humanity

Meaghan Beatley: Betting on Anti-feminism as a Winning Political Strategy

Unlike other European far-right parties, Spain’s Vox thinks fighting women’s rights is the key to success

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