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Vanessa Nakate: Uganda’s First Fridays for Future Climate Striker

I wanted to do something that would cause change to the lives of the people in my community and my country”

Greta Thunberg: ‘There Is no Sense of Urgency’

Speech at the COP25 climate conference in Madrid

Amy Goodman: “Shame!”

Indigenous Leaders & Delegates from Global South Stage Dramatic Protest at COP25 in Madrid

Andrea Germanos: ‘We Are Unstoppable, Another World Is Possible!’

Young Climate Activists Storm COP 25 Stage

Matt McGrath: Greta Thunberg: ‘They try so desperately to silence us’

“We will do everything we can to show that this is something that cannot be ignored, that they cannot just hide away any longer.”

Hilda Flavia Nakabuye: “It’s Our Future”

Interview with two youth climate strikers

Raul Camargo: Anticapitalists: ‘We need a left that is not a crutch for the PSOE’

What is clear is that Podemos, as the catalysing force of all the alternative left in the State, has come to an end. But that does not mean that something alternative will be created immediately. It will emerge, but the timelines are set by history

Vicente Navarro: What is Happening in Spain?

Unidos Podemos redefines the meaning of patriotism, emphasizing that importance should be placed on the wellbeing of the population instead of the symbols that represent them

Tiago Miller: Spain’s dangerous step towards authoritarianism

The jailing of nine Catalan pro-independence leaders for a total of 100 years sparked six consecutive days of mass demonstrations, road blocks and riots, transforming the region into the epicentre of a debate on political and civil rights

Dick Nichols: The tsunami of protest driving Spanish politics

Since October 14, in bars, restaurants and public transport across Catalonia, there has been practically no other topic of conversation than the Spanish court’s vindictive sentences against the twelve leaders of the October 1, 2017 independence referendum

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