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Jack Rasmus: G7 and the Desperation Stage of Russian Sanctions

Like most of the previous six phases of sanctions the purpose of the latest is to deprive Russia of revenues from exports

David Swanson: NATO and Russia Both Aim to Fail

Both sides are thus mindlessly escalating toward nuclear war

Boris Kagarlitsky: Putin’s War Driven by Domestic Politics

NATO expansion and the defense of Donbas are not the primary motivations for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Stoking nationalism to shore up support for Putin’s government is

Medea Benjamin: NATO and a War Foretold

Instead of exploiting this crisis to expand even further, NATO should suspend all new or pending membership applications until the current crisis has been resolved

Adele Walton: Global food crisis: Blame capitalism, not Russia’s war in Ukraine

Small farmers are the world’s primary suppliers of food. It’s imperative we listen to them, not the big corporates

Alona Liasheva: Inside the Ukrainian Resistance

Interview on the Ukrainian Resistance, the state of war, the dynamics of class struggle and popular consciousness, and the tasks of the international Left in building solidarity with Ukraine

Ashley Smith: Inside the Russian Resistance Against Putin’s War

Russian feminists have been at the forefront of the opposition to Russian imperialism’s invasion of Ukraine

Ramzy Baroud: ‘Not a Justification but a Provocation’: Chomsky on the Root Causes of the Russia-Ukraine War

Chomsky believes that the main ‘background’ of this war, a factor that is missing in mainstream media coverage, is “NATO expansion.”

CJ Polychroniou: The War in Ukraine Pushes the World Closer to the Edge of a Climate Precipice

Putin’s war in Ukraine, which could last for years, is in fact an absolute godsent to the most destructive forces on the planet, namely the arms industry and the fossil fuel companies

John Feffer: China Will Decide the Outcome of Russia v. the West

Is Putin the Face of the Future or the Final Gasp of the Past?

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