Category: Ukraine

Thomas Piketty: The Western Elite Is Preventing Us From Going After the Assets of Russia’s Hyper-Rich

Why has no progress been made on an international financial registry that would help locate oligarch’s assets? One simple reason: wealthy westerners don’t want one

Zoltan Grossman: Is Putin heading toward a partition of Ukraine?

Like many western leaders, Putin’s main goal is to stay in power

Oksana Dutchak: The War in Ukraine Seen on the Ground

If we say we should restore peace at any costs, there is a dangerous trap: then let’s do whatever Russia is saying and they will stop the war, to save the lives of people

Johnathan Hettinger: Surging Wheat Prices and Fertilizer Shortages

How the War in Ukraine Could Impact U.S. Agriculture

George Monbiot: Gastastrophe

Thanks to a series of astonishingly foolish decisions, Europe has allowed Vladimir Putin to control much of its energy supply. Here’s what it needs to do

Ingar Solty: The Geopolitical Consequences of the War in Ukraine

The current developments in Eastern Europe have at least six medium- to long-term geopolitical consequences — all of which are deeply worrying

Joshua Yaffa: What’s Next for Putin?

Interview on on Ukraine’s Resistance & Russian Antiwar Protests

Richard Falk: The Politics of the Russo-Ukrainian War: International Scholars Weigh In

Interview on the historical, cultural, geopolitical, and media implications of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

Brett Wilkins: “They’re Lying to You”

Anti-War Protester Interrupts Russian State TV Broadcast

Alex Henderson: Vladimir Putin’s fear of Ukraine goes way beyond NATO

Putin fears that if liberal democracy is a success in Ukraine, more and more people in Russia may want it as well

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