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Patrick Cockburn: Will the Ukraine War End Without Destroying All Life on the Planet?

Interview on a descent into nuclear war hell

Jeremy Corbyn: The Athens Declaration

Members of the PI Council gather in Greece to call for “support for victims of war and a new Non-Aligned Movement.”

Kevin Martin: To end the horror in Ukraine, go big, and go broad

The tragic, illegal war of aggression by Russia against Ukraine should end now, with a ceasefire and then a comprehensive peace agreement

John Quigley: I led talks on Donbas and Crimea in the 90s. Here’s how the war should end

After the USSR’s breakup, the OSCE knew that the large number of Russian speakers in Ukraine would become an issue

Sara Sirota: U.S. Demands Russian War Crime Prosecution While Neglecting Its Own Accountability

The Defense Department promised a memo on mitigating U.S.-inflicted civilian harm in April. With the deadline passed, Congress members call for an ICC investigation — of Russia

Bill Fletcher: When Should We Stop Excusing the Russian Invasion?

Ukraine, Self-determination, and the National Question

Taras Bilous: Self-Determination and the War in Ukraine

We cannot know how Ukraine will develop after the war. But we know there will be horrible consequences if Russia wins

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Inconvenient complexity

Information warfare on European soil

Jakub Crcha: Ukrainian Refugees, Anti-immigration Politics, and the Limits of Solidarity in Slovakia

In a long-term view of the eastern EU border, it is heightened militarization and exclusion that is the norm

Enriko Peçuli: Against Price Increases and Oligarchs – A New Protest Movement in Albania

Please Help ZNet           Source: The Conversation The recent price increases hit large parts of the people in Albania hard – especially because the living conditions of most people have already been difficult. On the other side, few rich people in the country have accumulated enormous wealth. In the last month, Read more…

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