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Forrest Hylton: Change and Continuity in Colombian Politics

Right-wing Uribe protégé Iván Duque is the next president of Colombia. But not all is lost: The Colombian Left had its most impressive turn-out in history

Victoria McKenzie: Death and Displacement: A USAID Export

USAID has funded the Cerrejón Foundation, the charitable arm of the Cerrejón mine in Caribbean Colombia, to the tune of millions. A months-long investigation reveals its community development projects are a front tied to a long history of displacement, violence, and death

Hannibal Rhoades: Building alternatives to mining in Colombia

Interview with local activists and businesspeople determined to kick the mining industry out of their town

Isabel Peñaranda: Agriculture in Post-Peace Colombia

After the peace accord, can the Colombian government incentivize coca planters to cultivate other crops? Not if they don’t address the inequality and land grabbing that prompted them to start growing coca in the first place

Tom Power: Buenaventura Wakes Up

Buenaventura, Colombia’s largest port-side cities, generates US$2 billion in revenue for the Colombian State, yet over half the city doesn’t have access to drinking water. Furthermore,  unemployment is above 60%, it lacks a major hospital to serve its 400,000 residents, and illegal armed groups have been inflicting heinous violence on the civilian population for more Read more…

Chelsey Dyer: Trump and Santos at the White House

As protests in Colombia rage on, President Trump’s meeting with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos could point towards a deepening of militarized drug war policies over investing in Colombia’s peace process

Thomas Power: Neoparamilitaries- whats so new about them? 

Paramilitaries are widely seen as the number one threat to lasting peace in Colombia

Hector Mondragon: The plan to Gaza-ify the Colombian Peace Process

Without understanding the problem of the concentration of land ownership, it is impossible to understand anything that has happened in the country in the past eighty years

Vijay Prashad: A 50-Year Civil War

If the vote had gone the other way, Colombia might have shown the world that even intractable civil wars can come to an end. It would have been a message to Syria and the Congo, a message of the power of negotiation towards a new civil compact. But this did not come to pass.

Immanuel Wallerstein: Colombia: A Bright Light is Extinguished

The stalemate and the ensuing battle fatigue led each side to reconsider its all-or-nothing position and to enter into political negotiations. How did this happen?

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