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Vijay Prashad: News of a ceasefire

Development is necessary to prevent Colombia from its sure descent into being a failed state. The peace treaty is a step towards the creation of a new Colombia

José Antonio Gutiérrez D.: Insurgency, conflict and communalism in Colombia

For decades, the FARC has led the revolutionary struggle in Colombia, but now farmers are taking over control by means of communal assemblies.

Pete Dolack: There’s no place for clean water under ‘free trade’

That last ruling provides the essence of “free trade” agreements — the accumulation of corporate power to override all democratic controls over health, safety, environmental or labor safeguards

Justin Podur: ‘Paz Colombia’: the Latest US Attempt to Control Colombia?

​The U.S. has announced funding for a new Plan Colombia as the country moves towards a resolution to its civil war. What is its real purpose?

Vijay Prashad: At the edge of peace

Anticipation sweeps Colombia over peace talks with the FARC-EP rebels. This time the hope is that the terrifying example of the 1980s will not be repeated

Yesenia Barragan: What is Peace Without Justice in Colombia?

The Colombian government’s dark history of murdering dissidents should give us pause before celebrating peace

Vanessa Vargas Rojas: Revisiting a Dark Episode in the Life of Pablo Neruda

Forty-two years since the death of Pablo Neruda, revisiting the interpretation of an obscure episode the poet described in his book of memoirs, “I Confess That I Have Lived,” in which he himself is the author of a rape. The figure of the poet Pablo Neruda has never been free from controversy. Nobel prizewinner for Read more…

Justin Podur: The most dangerous moment in Colombia’s peace talks

Regional political changes that could sink the accord

Justin Podur: #HackedTeam and Colombia

How surveillance helps a violent state

Natalia Fajardo: Cycles of Oppression, Cycles of Liberation

The Nasa People of Colombia Are Dispossessed Once Again

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