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John Walsh: A National Strike Has Reignited in Colombia

Since April 28, people in Colombia’s cities and towns have engaged in an ongoing national strike, el paro nacional

Laura Carlsen: Colombia, Between Extermination and Emancipation

Colombia’s nationwide strike has gone on for a month now, its mass mobilization reaching historic proportions for the nation and for Latin America

Vijay Prashad: Peace in Colombia Should Mean Land Reform and an End to Hunger

The fight has been difficult because the ruling bloc of Colombia, including Duque, is unwilling to honestly participate in a democratic agenda

Natalia Torres Garzon: After Decades of Oppression, Colombian Women Lead Front Lines of National Strike

Women’s presence in Colombia’s national strike—both as activists and as victims—has caught the world’s attention

Philippa de Boissière: The strike won’t stop

Proposed tax reforms have led to weeks of protest in Colombia. Amidst brutal state repression, and with the initial proposals defeated, Colombians are now demanding much more

Adriaan Alsema: Colombia’s anti-government protests swell to historic proportions

Colombia’s anti-government protests grew to historic proportions in the capital Bogota

Justin Podur: Is Colombia’s Military Displacing Peasants to Protect the Environment or Sell Off Natural Resources?

Corporations, not wildlife, stand to benefit from the emptied lands

Forrest Hylton: Colombians Want a New Government — And an End to Neoliberalism

For weeks, Colombians have remained in the streets challenging their nation’s violent social and economic model

Kian Seara Rey: ​The West is complicit in Colombia’s police killings

The deadly violence by police and paramilitary groups against protesters in Colombia is made possible by the military aid of the government’s Western allies

J.P. Linstroth: The Tax Protests in Colombia

As long as there are income disparities and class disparities in Colombia, and the pandemic continues to put people in financial jeopardy, the unrest will likely continue

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