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Vijay Prashad: Colombia’s Government Acts Like Doormat for U.S.

—and Its People Aren’t Going Along With It

Justin Podur: Cracking Up the Walls of War and Authoritarianism

The sustained protests in Colombia are part of a larger trend against austerity and endless war

Kate Paarlberg-Kvam: Colombia’s National Strike

Peace has become the central axis of political-economic contestation in Colombia, as competing visions of what peace means to different sectors play out in the streets

Vijay Prashad: If You Want Peace, You Get War; If You Want War, You Get Rich

There is one way in which Colombia’s oligarchy is correct: social unrest is less prevalent in a militarised society

José Antonio Gutiérrez D.: Colombia on strike: “This government has to fall”

Colombia’s national civic strike is paving the way for a rural-urban coalition of protesters and movements that together can take on President Duque’s right-wing government

Danica Jorden: “We Are Not Afraid”

Riot Police Combat Protestors in Colombia

Forrest Hylton: Colombia Diary: Higher Ed Under Threat

The coming weeks will feature massive student protests and marches across Colombia

Forrest Hylton: Colombia Diary: Under Heavy Manners

The Colombian student movement is one of the brighter lights in an otherwise dim firmament, and deserves support and protection from all who wish to avoid war in South America

Juan Pablo Melo: The battle for the commons in neoliberal Colombia

The local struggle to protect the Rio Blanco ecological reserve epitomizes the resistance against the destructive impact of decades of neoliberal development

Julia Margaret Zulver: Women Weaving Life in Southern Colombia

In Colombia’s southern province of Putumayo, a group of women is stitching together social fabric despite an alarming number of ongoing threats and acts of violence against them

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