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Tamara Pearson: Guatemalan and Mexican governments use pandemic to turn back refugee caravan

“People who are fleeing crime and searching for a better future shouldn’t be treated like this”. “But there is something that we have, as migrants. We don’t give up, we do everything to achieve our goals.”

Jen Moore: When Police Repression is Not Enough

A U.S. Corporation is Suing Guatemala to Crush Local Mining Opposition

Jen Moore: Guatemalan Water Protectors Persist, Despite Mining Company Threats

This month a peaceful resistance movement marks eight years of struggle against a gold mining project that threatens scarce water supplies.

Jeff Abbott: A growing student occupation in Guatemala

A student occupation opposing the “safe third country” agreement in Guatemala has transformed into a national movement for access to higher education

Kate Doyle: Guatemala’s Historical Archive of the National Police

“Somehow in this part of the world, we’ve come to this point of turning our backs on human rights justice and the rule of law in ways that are terribly troubling”

Nicholas Copeland: Indigenous Resistance Against the Escobal Mine in Guatemala

As the Guatemalan state backs out of court-ordered consultations and intensifies repression of territorial defenders, communities turn to independent research and analysis to strengthen the right to consultation on their own terms

Edgardo Ayala: Indigenous Villages Generate Their Own Energy in Guatemala

A community hydroelectric plant runs counter to the system by which the state grants concessions to companies, which become the sole providers of those services.

Elizabeth Oglesby: A Coup in Guatemala is the Real Emergency

U.S. policy must support those in Guatemala who are struggling to maintain the rule of law, and Congress must demand that Guatemala’s anti-impunity commission be allowed to continue its work

Greg Grandin: Washington Trained Guatemala’s Mass Murderers

And the Border Patrol Played a Role

Sandra Cuffe: Uniting for Memory and Justice in Guatemala

One word in particular kept coming up in Spanish over and over. Justice. Justice. Justice. Justice. Justice. Justice. Justice. Justice

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