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Jeff Abbott: Power Struggle in Guatemala

As the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) furthers its investigations into political corruption, the elite political class attempts to shield itself from accountability to the people

Jeff Abbott: Occupying Guatemala’s Capital

Guatemala’s Government Palace and the Street: Indigenous Campesinos Occupy Capital to Protest Land Conflicts

Jeff Abbott: 20 years after peace accords, Guatemalans resist remilitarization of everyday life

Nearly every corner of Guatemala City tells the story of tragedy from 36 years of internal armed conflict that gripped the country from 1960-1996. The entrance to the Portalito Bar in the historic center, where Enersto “Ché” Guavera used to drink during his time in Guatemala, contains a plaque denoting the spot where student leader Read more…

Jeff Abbott: Indigenous Weavers in Guatemala Mobilize to Defend Their Craft and Cultural Rights

Indigenous weavers in Guatemala are challenging the appropriation of their identities by both national and transnational companies. On November 24, hundreds of indigenous weavers from across the country made the journey to Guatemala City to present congress with a series of reforms that would lead to the legal protection of their intellectual property rights as Read more…

Jeff Abbott: Mobilizing in Guatemala

Across Guatemala, indigenous communities are organizing to challenge logging in the country’s vast forests

Jeff Abbott: Indigenous communities mobilize to defend Guatemala’s forests from loggers

“We are trying to inform community members of the impacts of deforestation”

Jeff Abbott: Guatemalan Campesino Organizations Mobilize to Demand Agrarian Reform, Energy Nationalization

The campesinos were continuing a decade-long struggle to demand that the Guatemalan government nationalize the electrical system

Grahame Russell: Rios Montt Case Symbolic of Impunity Guatemalans Must Overcome

Corruption and impunity are not a “crisis” in Guatemala; they have been and remain the “norm”

Jeff Abbott: Guatemala: Popular Protests Challenge Corruption and the Political Establishment

The political crisis has brought calls by many protesters for a new form of local politics that move beyond the traditional hierarchy of the political structure

Oliver Laughland: Guatemalans deliberately infected with STDs sue Johns Hopkins University for $1bn

Lawsuit with 800 plaintiffs seeks damages for individuals, spouses and children of people deliberately infected with STDs through US government program

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