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Ward Churchill: Assaults on Truth and Memory, Part II

Ward Churchill The costs of these systematic assaults on truth and memory by those who argue the uniqueness of Jewish victimization have often been high for those whose suffering is correspondingly downgraded or shunted into historical oblivion. This concerns not only the victims of the many genocides occurring outside the framework of nazism, but non-Jews Read more…

David Edwards: Global warming and the political economy of threats

To a casual observer, the reality, or otherwise, of a threat to humankind would appear to be determined by inexact but essentially rational calculations based on evidence, hard facts, and best guesses all wrapped up in a framework of concern for the general well-being of people and planet. Not so. In fact, the perceived seriousness Read more…

Eduardo Galeano: To be like them

[Translated by Francisco González] Dreams and nightmares are made of the same stuff, but this particular nightmare claims to be the only dream we are allowed to have: a development model that scorns life and worships things. Can we be like them? Such is the promise of politicians, the goal of technocrats, the fantasy of Read more…

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