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Frances Madeson: Pro-Democracy Movement in Haiti Swells

Protesters were assaulted on October 11 by police armed with guns, tear gas and water cannons

Jane Regan: Shooting at Haitian Parliament Surprises Few as Anti-Government Protests Continue

Haiti is clearly in the midst of a “breakdown of democratic order” and “humanitarian crisis.”

Yves Engler: Canada enables corrupt Haitian president to remain in power

Almost entirely ignored by the Canadian media, Haitian protesters regularly criticize Canada

Kim Ives: Anti-Government Protests Continue in Haiti

New Details Emerge About Role of U.S. Mercenaries

Vijay Prashad: U.S. Is Strangling Haiti and Attempting Regime Change in Venezuela

It is this humiliation that motivates the people of Haiti to take to the streets. Their message is simple: if you won’t let us breathe, we won’t let you breathe, and if you suffocate Venezuela, you suffocate us

Adolf Alzuphar: Haiti is a battleground against neoliberalism

Haiti is a battleground for the future of the left thanks to infighting and a culture of resistance. It is up to us tp consider it as such

Yves Engler: NGO Imperialism

The Oxfam “sex scandal” should shine a light on the immense, largely unaccountable, power NGOs continue to wield over Haitian affairs

Edwidge Danticat: Oxfam Scandal a #MeToo Moment for Aid Organizations?

I think that’s what happens when you have an extremely vulnerable population, where these large NGOs consider themselves, in some ways, a state on their own

Patrick Cockburn: People care more about Oxfam scandal than cholera epidemic

Compare the lack of interest shown by the international media, politicians and assorted celebrities to the cholera epidemic, leading to the death of thousands of Haitians, with the hysterical outrage expressed about Oxfam officials consorting with prostitutes

Ruth Tanner: The aid industry is long overdue its #MeToo moment

Revelations about Oxfam’s behaviour in Haiti are shocking, but not surprising

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