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Haiti Action Committee: Stand with Haiti! A Call for Solidarity

This statement calls for support of the resistance by the Haitian people to the US-backed dictatorship of Jovenel Moise

Jafrik Ayiti: Haiti: Canada & U.S. Support Coups and Dictators

In Haiti, President Moise refused to leave when his term was over, and hundreds of thousands have protested in the streets demanding his resignation

Yves Engler: Subverting Haitian Democracy

What does it mean that a supposedly ‘unimportant’, impoverished, nation is the only non-enemy government mentioned by those in charge of US and Canadian diplomacy?

Yves Engler: Why Haitians are angry at the UN

The case of Haiti reveals how the UN can be part of the problem rather than the solution

Mark Schuller: The Foreign Roots of Haiti’s “Constitutional Crisis”

Haiti’s president’s term has come to an end, but he refuses to step down. Solidarity is urgent

Yves Engler: Canada, Haiti and Hong Kong

Progressive Canadians should hold off on criticizing Beijing’s policy towards Hong Kong until they have produced an equal number of statements critical of Canada’s role in Haiti

Yves Engler: Solidarity Québec Haiti’s Protest Against U.S.

Solidarity Québec Haiti’s sit in is not only about drawing attention to a dark chapter in Haitian history, but Washington retaining significant influence over the country

Frances Madeson: Pro-Democracy Movement in Haiti Swells

Protesters were assaulted on October 11 by police armed with guns, tear gas and water cannons

Jane Regan: Shooting at Haitian Parliament Surprises Few as Anti-Government Protests Continue

Haiti is clearly in the midst of a “breakdown of democratic order” and “humanitarian crisis.”

Yves Engler: Canada enables corrupt Haitian president to remain in power

Almost entirely ignored by the Canadian media, Haitian protesters regularly criticize Canada

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