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Patrick Cockburn: People care more about Oxfam scandal than cholera epidemic

Compare the lack of interest shown by the international media, politicians and assorted celebrities to the cholera epidemic, leading to the death of thousands of Haitians, with the hysterical outrage expressed about Oxfam officials consorting with prostitutes

Ruth Tanner: The aid industry is long overdue its #MeToo moment

Revelations about Oxfam’s behaviour in Haiti are shocking, but not surprising

Daniel Gibson: Using the Oxfam scandal to push an anti-aid agenda

The actions of Oxfam officials are horrendous – but gutting foreign aid funding just puts more people at risk

Jon Schwarz: America Owes Everything to Haitians

Without the bravery of Haitians, Thomas Jefferson would never have been able to complete the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, and the United States as we know it today would not exist

Jérôme Duval: Haiti: From trafficking to debt

This Caribbean country is not in debt, it is a creditor. It is France which owes it money

Mark Weisbrot: President Obama Should Make Sure that Haitian Victims of UN-Caused Cholera Are Compensated

Compensation is a first move toward civilizing US relations with Haiti, and recognizing that Haitians are human beings with the same human rights as any other people on this planet

Mark Schuller: As World Looks Elsewhere, Haiti’s Disaster Just Beginning

This lack of urgency is deadly. The real disaster – chronic hunger, food insecurity, and dependency – is yet to come

Mark Schuller: Hurricane Matthew in Haiti: Looking Beyond the Disaster Narrative

While we outside of Haiti may not be told, grassroots organizations are doing an admirable job

Adolf Alzuphar: Leftwing Haitian singer Emerantes De Pradines

Understanding De Pradines’s importance begins with Haiti’s social history

Beverly Bell: The Blood of the Earth: Agriculture, Land Rights, and Haitian History

Peasant groups are fighting to protect their rights, to get land, to undo the public policies being adopted by the government

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