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Kurt Hackbarth: AMLO’s MORENA Wins the Mexican Midterms

Facing an alliance of right-wing parties, business associations, and US-backed institutions like the National Endowment for Democracy, Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s MORENA Party managed to retain its majority in Congress

Jérôme Baschet: The “Zapatista invasion” has begun

After months of preparations, a delegation of the Zapatistas has set sail from Mexico towards Europe. The “reversed conquest” has well and truly started

Danica Jorden: Goodbye Ayoloco: Iconic Mexican Glacier is Officially No More

The glaciers are an important source of fresh water and climate regulation, and the gravity of the loss cannot be understated

Natalia Gutiérrez: Mexican feminists raise their voices against patriarchy

Faced with an epidemic of femicides and government inaction, Mexican feminists are turning to increasingly radical tactics in their collective quest for justice

Danica Jorden: COVAX Agreement

Venezuela Sends Oxygen and Doctors to Brazilian Amazon, Mexico Cedes Vaccines to Poor Countries, U.S. and Russia Refuse to Join COVAX

Kurt Hackbarth: Among World Leaders, Only Mexico’s AMLO Has Offered Julian Assange Asylum

While world leaders remain quiet, AMLO stands alone in speaking for freedom of speech — and has offered Assange asylum in Mexico

Laura Carlsen: For U.S.-Mexico Relations, The Real Hope Lies with Energized Social Movements

The real hope doesn’t lie with the governments but in recognizing the power and vision of progressive grassroots organizing

Danica Jorden: Police Fire on Femicide Protest in Cancún

The details were sickening and at the same time so familiar. Another young woman missing, raped, murdered and mutilated

David Bacon: Building a Cross-Border Culture of Solidarity

Workers in Mexico and the United States face some of the same challenges–and some of the same employers

Ryan Devereaux: Border Patrol Leaves Migrants in Remote Town as Deaths Rise

Dumping hundreds of migrants in the remote Mexican border town of Sasabe puts them at risk from organized crime

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