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Leonidas Oikonomakis: Zapatistas propose indigenous woman for Mexican presidency

“May the earth shake at its core…” was the title of the announcement. And, indeed, the news came like an earthquake — and not only for Mexican politics

Buddy Bell: Policies of Exclusion Challenged Across the Board and Across the Border

On the morning of Oct. 8, a group of US veterans who were deported to Mexico, in some cases after having fought in U.S. wars, congregated in Plaza Ochoa, Nogales, Sonora

Sarah Aziza: Binational vigil at US-Mexico border protests US state violence

Hundreds of activists gathered at the U.S.-Mexico border for a demonstration of multilateral unity

Tamara Pearson: Resist to Exist: Mexico Still Protesting Two Years after Disappearance of 43 Students

A key achievement of the Ayotzinapa movement after two years has been the deepened awareness by the Mexican population of the government’s corruption and ineptness

Tamara Pearson: Celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day Under the Shadow of a Giant Wall

Without NAFTA, Mexico could have had “European living standards today”

Laura Weiss: Central American Refugees Struggle for Protection in Southern Mexico

The misguided, insufficient responses by both the U.S. and Mexican governments constitute human rights abuses

Levi Gahman: Food Sovereignty in Rebellion: Decolonization, Autonomy, Gender Equity, and the Zapatista Solution

The Zapatista insurgency has opened up space for a wide range of alternative ways of re-organizing societies, economies, and food systems

Ryan Mallett-Outtrim: Art for Revolution’s Sake: Voices from the EZLN’s CompArte Festival in Chiapas

It’s not everyday that a guerrilla movement hosts an alternative art festival, but that’s exactly what just happened in southern Mexican city of San Cristobal, in the state of Chiapas. From July 23 to 30, over a thousand artists from 45 countries flocked to the city’s outskirts to participate in CompArte for Humanity, a festival Read more…

Laura Carlsen: Both Parties Are Playing the Mexico Card

From immigration to the drug war, there’s a lot that needs fixing in the U.S.-Mexico relationship. But border walls, hate speech, and deportations won’t do it

David Bacon: When the River Turned Yellow

Sixty miles south of the Arizona border, the devastation from a toxic spill has led to an epochal battle between a transnational mining conglomerate and an alliance of miners and farmers

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