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Kenny Stancil: Mexican President Boycotts Summit

US Excludes Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela

Bruce Hobson: The Most Important Recent Labor Victory You Never Read About

At this GM plant in Mexico, workers on both sides of the border came together across national boundaries to challenge corporate power

Robin Alexander: Lessons From a Path-Breaking US-Mexico Union Alliance

International Solidarity in Action

Kurt Hackbarth: AMLO Wins Mexico’s First Ever Recall Election

The outcome was a resounding victory for Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who now has a renewed mandate for change

Ramor Ryan: Zapatismo, solidarity and self-governance

Interview on organizing alongside the Zapatistas, the often “messy” practice of international solidarity and more

Raul Zibechi: The Zapatistas and the invasion of Ukraine

If we trust in the nobility of the common people, we will achieve the energy and courage necessary to continue sailing against the current

Dan Beeton: International Labor Solidarity in Action

Decades of joint organizing between two independent labor unions—one in Mexico and one in the United States—show the power of fighting for workers’ rights across borders

Tamara Pearson: Mexican Forces Evict Indigenous Activists Who Took Over Water Bottling Plant

At 1:20 am, under the cover of darkness, the security forces arrived, blocked the road in front of the factory, entered by force, threatened those inside, then removed them and tore down the protest camp

Sam Pizzigati: Mexican GM workers are feeling their own power

A Labor Stunner in Mexico Augurs Greater Equality — on Both Sides of the Bordersam pi

Dan DiMaggio: In a Landslide Victory, Mexican GM Workers Vote In an Independent Union

“Today I believe we as workers are more united than ever”

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