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Tamara Pearson: Chocolate as Resistance

Mexico’s Rich Chocolate Traditions Defy Corporate Globalization

Suzanne Simon: Trump’s Mexico High: Drugs, Migration, and NAFTA

Mexican society and its people needed no primer on democracy and advocacy. The Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920 was the first socialist-populist revolution of the western hemisphere and, arguably, of the world

Patrick Timmons: Trump’s Wall at Nixon’s Border

How Richard Nixon’s Operation Intercept laid the foundation for decades of U.S.-Mexico border policy, including Donald Trump’s wall

Gabriel M. Schivone: “Disappeared” on the U.S.-Mexico Border

How U.S. border policies constitute a new kind of state-led “disappearance”

Suzanne Simon: Trump’s Mexico High: Drugs, Migration, and NAFTA

Mexico and Mexicans are not the cause of U.S. economic or social problems. The one percent – like Trump and his cohort – are

Immanuel Wallerstein: Trump’s World Policy: The Two Hotspots

Mexico was arguably the principal subject of his entire campaign, first for the Republican nomination and then for the presidential election

Michael Hogan: Next Time Trump Bashes Mexico, Remember This

Americans were the first illegal immigrants to their country, violating their laws, fomenting revolt, and later with our army violating their sovereign territory

Danica Jorden: Mexican President Says Eat Cake As Protests Sweep Country

Thousands of people from all walks of life are filling Mexico City’s famous Zócalo in daily protests against the gas price hike

Ann Deslandes: The Zapatistas Are Building The World We Ask For

The Zapatistas want “science for life” — a science that flourishes against the sword, the bullet

John Ackerman: Mexico: Ending the Neoliberal Nightmare

The emergence of new social and political movements may represent a beacon of hope to revive the region’s Left

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