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Natalia Marques: Mexican women’s solidarity defies Texas abortion law

Despite the risks and illegality of their activism, these women view it as their duty to help women access their human right to abortion

Ryan Devereaux: U.S. Military Training in Mexico Increased as Human Rights Waned

In the years after the U.S. pledged to invest in human rights and rule of law, the Pentagon spent millions training elite Mexican units how to fight

Ryan Devereaux: U.S. Organizing $5 Million Gun Sale to Mexican Forces Accused of Murder & Kidnapping

As the two countries meet this week to discuss security cooperation, lawmakers see the sale as evidence of a systemic problem

Lars Åkerson: Maya Activist Groups Fight to Protect Indigenous Territorial Rights

The land defenders’ struggle continues a 500-year effort to protect a living landscape beset by ongoing extractive colonialism

Tamara Pearson: WalmartLand

How US Stores Colonizing Mexico are Displacing Local Culture

Denis Rogatyuk: Mexico’s Left Faces a Tough Road Ahead

For enduring social change, Morena has to build a member-led organization rooted in local communities

David Swanson: Remember to Forget the Alamo

Mexico once had a problem with a local provincial government promoting illegal immigration from the United States into Mexico in order to engage in the illegal slavery of illegally trafficked people

Kurt Hackbarth: AMLO’s MORENA Wins the Mexican Midterms

Facing an alliance of right-wing parties, business associations, and US-backed institutions like the National Endowment for Democracy, Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s MORENA Party managed to retain its majority in Congress

Jérôme Baschet: The “Zapatista invasion” has begun

After months of preparations, a delegation of the Zapatistas has set sail from Mexico towards Europe. The “reversed conquest” has well and truly started

Danica Jorden: Goodbye Ayoloco: Iconic Mexican Glacier is Officially No More

The glaciers are an important source of fresh water and climate regulation, and the gravity of the loss cannot be understated

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