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Ben Dangl: The Zapatistas’ Dignified Rage

Revolutionary Theories and Anticapitalist Dreams of Subcommandante Marcos

Tamara Pearson: Why Mexico’s Next President is No Friend of Migrants

When it comes to immigration and refugees, Mexico’s progressive president elect, Andres Lopez Obrador, has more in common with US president Donald Trump than you’d expect

Nevin Siders: Defending electricity users in Mexico

The National Assembly of Electric Energy Users (ANUEE) imploded under the carrot-and-stick pressures the Mexican government applied in its privatization drive. Among the more forceful measures are changing the Constitution in an unending chain of neoliberal reforms that open ever wider sectors of the economy to private enterprise, each wrapped in a sweetening that their Read more…

Pete Dolack: Revised NAFTA another Trump scam

The Trump administration is actually composed of large industrialists and financiers, to a degree perhaps unprecedented in modern times, so all the more are those interests promoted

Duane Campbell: Trump’s Fake Trade Deal

We need an immigration policy that brings people together instead of pitting workers against each other

Naomi Johnson: Now is the Time to Stand Up for Human Rights

Question your complacency, question your role in all of this, and acknowledge your racism. That’s my answer to the many folks who want to know what in the heck they can do

Margaret Cerullo: Heroes of Their Own Story

Notes on the Mexican Election

Immanuel Wallerstein: Two Cheers for Mexico’s AMLO

AMLO put forth a truly left program

Gregory Shupak: In Wake of AMLO Victory, US Media Fear Chavismo

According to the authors, keeping Mexico “open for business” for “foreign investors” should be a priority, a call for maintaining the economic status quo in a country where nearly half the population lives below the poverty line

Steve Ellner: López Obrador’s Moment

It took Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) 12 years to become president-elect of Mexico, making history for Mexico’s Left as his party’s coalition also achieves a legislative majority. But the struggle has only just begun

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