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Ellen Brown: Mexico Is Showing the World How to Defeat Neoliberalism

Mexico’s new president has begun construction on 2,700 branches of a government-owned bank to be completed in 2021, when it will be the largest bank in the country

William deBuys: Making America Great Again in a New Wild West

The Humanitarian and Environmental Disaster of Trump’s Border Wall

Evan Neuhausen: “A Project for Life” in Mexico City

A housing movement on the fringes of Mexico City offers an example of the fruits of breaking with the clientelism that has long dominated Mexican politics to build autonomous alternatives in its communities

Jen Moore: “When They Kill One, A Thousand More Are Born”

A Southern Mexico community remembers Mariano Abarca, who gave his life fighting mining companies, with a celebration of resistance

Dean Baker: NAFTA Was About Redistributing Upward

A major feature of NAFTA was the requirement that Mexico strengthen and lengthen its patent and copyright protections. These barriers are 180 degrees at odds with expanding trade and removing barriers

Tamara Pearson: US and Corporations Key Factors Behind Most Violent Year Yet in Mexico

This year has been the most violent year on record for Mexico, with almost 26,000 intentional homicides between January and September

Ramzy Baroud: Who Killed Oscar and Valeria: The Inconvenient History of the Refugee Crisis

The haunting image of the bodies of Salvadoran father, Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez, and his daughter, Valeria, who were washed ashore at a riverbank on the Mexico-U.S. border cannot be understood separately from El Salvador’s painful past

Sammy Feldblum: Back to the Wall

The same American myths that drove frontier expansion now support closing the borders

Cecilia Nowell: “Green Tide” Reaches Mexico as Oaxaca Decriminalizes Abortion

Oaxaca’s monumental decision last week to decriminalize abortion is part of a larger “Green Tide” movement across Latin America

Simon Schatzberg: AMLO’s State of the Union Address

Rhetoric Meets Reality

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