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Kurt Hackbarth: Among World Leaders, Only Mexico’s AMLO Has Offered Julian Assange Asylum

While world leaders remain quiet, AMLO stands alone in speaking for freedom of speech — and has offered Assange asylum in Mexico

Laura Carlsen: For U.S.-Mexico Relations, The Real Hope Lies with Energized Social Movements

The real hope doesn’t lie with the governments but in recognizing the power and vision of progressive grassroots organizing

Danica Jorden: Police Fire on Femicide Protest in Cancún

The details were sickening and at the same time so familiar. Another young woman missing, raped, murdered and mutilated

David Bacon: Building a Cross-Border Culture of Solidarity

Workers in Mexico and the United States face some of the same challenges–and some of the same employers

Ryan Devereaux: Border Patrol Leaves Migrants in Remote Town as Deaths Rise

Dumping hundreds of migrants in the remote Mexican border town of Sasabe puts them at risk from organized crime

Tamara Pearson: Guatemalan and Mexican governments use pandemic to turn back refugee caravan

“People who are fleeing crime and searching for a better future shouldn’t be treated like this”. “But there is something that we have, as migrants. We don’t give up, we do everything to achieve our goals.”

Zoe Mendelson: Feminists Take Over Federal Building in Mexico City and Use Painting as a Weapon

In protest of femicide, the artists painted over portraits of all-male historical figures hanging in the National Human Rights Commission

Tamara Pearson: Closure of Border to Refugees Spreads Misery as US Tourists Vacation in Mexico

Around 91 percent of migrants apprehended while trying to cross from Mexico into the U.S.’s Southwest border are being sent back within as little as two hours.

David Bacon: Will the New NAFTA Make the Pandemic Worse for Mexicans?

For Mexican workers, farmers, and the poor, the pandemic and the new treaty replacing NAFTA are a devastating one-two punch

Tamara Pearson: US drinks beer, produces cars, military tech at expense of Mexican lives

United States-owned company Constellation Brands is defying local orders and forcing Mexican workers to continue producing its Corona and Modelo beers for export to US consumers

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