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César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández: The Case for Nuance in Immigrant Stories

In his new book The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez, Aaron Bobrow-Strain captures why true border stories defy simplicity

Leonidas Oikonomakis: Zapatistas announce major expansion of autonomous territories

In a surprise announcement, the EZLN proclaim the creation of 11 new “caracoles” and autonomous municipalities, significantly expanding the territory under rebel control

Caitlin Manning: AMLO in office: from megaprojects to militarization

While hiding behind a mask of progressiveness, Mexican president AMLO is championing a neoliberal regime and promoting highly controversial megaprojects

Lori Wallach: Tariff Temper Tantrum

Trump “Created a Fake Crisis & Has Announced a Fake Solution” with Mexico

Laura Carlsen: Trump’s Mexico Tariffs Are About White Nationalism, Not Trade

There’s nothing “uncontrollable” about people applying for asylum. All the U.S. has to do is meet its obligations under international law

Manuel Perez Rocha: Trump’s Mexico Tariffs: A ‘Foolish’ Policy

There are basic calculations that indicate that the cost of one of Trump’s planned tariffs to Mexico will be paid basically by U.S. citizens. Some say that some households might end up paying as much as $600-800 in the raised costs

Laura Carlsen: Republicans Clash with Trump over Proposed Tariffs

Senate Republicans defied the president Tuesday, announcing their opposition to the tariffs

Tamara Pearson: Beer Transnationals Are Sucking Mexico Dry

Mexico is the biggest beer exporter globally, but it barely has enough water for its residents and farmers

Tamara Pearson: AMLO vs Zapata

Mexico’s new left-leaning President sees an opportunity in championing the legacy of the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. But does his record so far live up to Zapata’s ideals?

Humberto Beck: Navigating Corruption, Inequality and Trump

As President Trump continues his threats to close the U.S.-Mexico border to stop the flow of asylum seekers, we look at the response from Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the first four months of his presidency

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