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Gisela Brito: Chilean society is pushing for change

The Covid-19 pandemic has only aggravated inequality and highlighted the need for progressive alternatives

Vijay Prashad: The Dangerous Incompetence of Narendra Modi and Jair Bolsonaro

Alarming news about the COVID-19 disease comes from Brazil and India, where the infection numbers are high, and the death count grows steadily

Tristan Partridge: Selk’nam victory for indigenous recognition in Chile

At a time of renewed social struggles for the rights of historically marginalized groups, an indigenous campaign in Chile this week received some positive news

Ryan Cecil Jobson: Brazilian oligarchs sacrifice people for profit

Business leaders are using social media and political influence to spread coronavirus disinformation – and endangering thousands of lives

Glenn Greenwald: Bolsonaro Fraudulently Circumvented Trump’s COVID-19 Immigration Ban

Smuggled His Scandal-Plagued Ex-Education Minister Into the U.S.

Ben Dangl: The struggle for justice continues in post-coup Bolivia

A brutal wave of repression followed the right’s seizure of power last November, but organizing for social and political change in Bolivia continues

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Requiem for Democracy

Once again, after so many other times, Brazil’s wealthy would rather run the risk of descending into dictatorship (if that’s not what they wanted to begin with) rather than have the lower classes express their aspiration to be included in the nation

Rafael Moro Martins: Police Raids Target Bolsonaro’s Political Rivals

The operations raised questions about the Federal Police being leveraged for political purposes, deepening the crises enveloping the country’s democratic institutions

Dawn Paley: Women rise against violence in Ecuador

The pandemic has pushed women in Ecuador to mobilize their networks for the purposes of mutual aid. 

Ben Dangl: Bibles at the Barricades: How the Right Seized Power in Bolivia

The Áñez government threatens to roll back major progressive policies of the MAS, as well as victories won in the streets by Bolivia’s broad social, labor, and indigenous movements

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