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Salvador Allende: Allende’s Last Speech

Salvador Allende died 45 years ago in a US-backed coup. Here’s his final address, broadcast over the radio while he was barricaded in the presidential palace

Vijay Prashad: Small Farmers in Argentina’s Crisis

Wildo would like to live in a world where he is not defined by the power of capital. That is the world he is fighting to build

Joao Pedro Stedile: A way out for Brazil

The country needs a new project of development for the people. More subordination, submission and exploitation of the people will not be a way out for Brazil

Michael Wilson Becerril: How Gold Mining Companies Stifle Opposition in Peru

Multinational mining corporations in northern Peru have devised a number of strategies for suppressing environmental activism and protest, from strategic investment to media relations to outright intimidation and repression

Pilar Villanueva: The Riots of Chile’s New Generations

From the Struggle for Free Education to the Feminist Student Movement

Patrick Bond: BRICS-Johannesburg simultaneously disappoints and threatens

With Trump setting the agenda on the building and destruction of political alliances between states while wrecking prospects of multilateral action, the world requires a new generation of international leaders to develop a genuine alternative

Glenn Greenwald: Brazil’s Disastrous 2018 Presidential Race

By removing Dilma, they knowingly empowered actual criminals and gangsters, people whose thieving and mobster behavior make Dilma’s budgetary tricks look like jaywalking

Glenn Greenwald: Photo of Kissing Gay Couple Sparks Controversy in Brazil

In this climate, Lotti’s bold choice to prominently display a photograph of two men kissing, at a mainstream tourist attraction frequented by millions of families and children, is no small gesture

Gabriela Garton: A Battlefield for Gender Equality

Argentina’s women’s soccer team is tired of being sidelined and mistreated. Now they are fighting back, and the Argentine Football Association is taking note

Joao Pedro Stedile: ‘We Defend the Constituent Assembly’

iI Lula’s candidacy is prevented, a political crisis will become even more acute

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