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Luis Arce: Last November’s Coup Was About Plundering Bolivia’s Resources

Massive protests last month forced Bolivia’s postcoup government to pledge that elections will take place on October 18

Manuella Libardi: Amazon heroes who don’t give up

The Guardians of the Forest, a group of indigenous Guajajara in the Brazilian state of Maranhão, struggle to defend their land from invaders and to guarantee their survival in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

Robert Hunziker: Brazil’s 63,000 Fires

Will the nations of the world never seriously coordinate efforts to combat fossil fuel-generated global warming with its deadly accomplice, abrupt climate change?

Ariel Dorfman: The Meaning of Allende’s Triumph

I danced in the streets after Allende’s victory in Chile 50 years ago. Now I see its lessons for today

Ariel Dorfman: “Death Is on the Ballot”

Lessons for the US, 50 Years After Allende’s Socialist Revolution in Chile

MST: Economy, education and politics

The pandemic has accelerated the consequences of the crisis on people, the forms of labor exploitation and natural goods

Kristina Hille: Co-ops Can Lay a Path to Just Economies Amid the COVID Crisis

Cooperatives have been central to confronting the twin economic and health crises

Vijay Prashad: Will There Ever Be Elections Again in Bolivia?

It is not hard to imagine that this is what a coup regime has in mind; it did not annul democracy to allow democracy to remove it from office

Joe Emersberger: Reuters (Unsurprisingly) Looks Away as Ecuador Tries to Outlaw Opposition Parties

Reuters routinely buries information that would badly damage the reputation of US allies in the Americas

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: An escape route for Brazil

The only possible escape route for Brazil is to make sure that, in 2022 at the latest, the hellish nightmare of Bolsonarismo is democratically brought to its end

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