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Ken Livingstone: Bolivia shows us what is possible

Bolivia’s rapid social progress under a left-wing government and ability to suffer a right-wing coup then overcome it through mass mobilisation is a source of hope and optimism for the international left

Ben Dangl: On rituals and revolutions in the mines of Bolivia

The rituals and celebrations of Bolivia’s miners created spaces for radical organizing and helped build solidarity during the 1952 National Revolution

Tom Phillips: Mass protests in Brazil call for Jair Bolsonaro’s impeachment

Tens of thousands of protesters have returned to the streets of Brazil’s biggest cities to demand Jair Bolsonaro’s impeachment, as a poll showed the Brazilian president’s ratings had plumbed new depths

Ariel Dorfman: Chile is Taking the Final Steps of Dismantling Dictatorship

Ariel Dorfman delivered these remarks at the 45th anniversary Letelier-Moffitt Memorial Program on September 19, 2021

David Duhalde: A Tale of Two September 11ths

Not only am I here because of the Chilean September 11, but I am also in the Democratic Socialists of America because of it

Jen Kirby: Brazil Escaped a January 6-Style Insurrection — For Now

Bolsonaro’s September 7 rally made clear the crisis of Brazilian democracy isn’t over

Then24: World leaders warn “fears of a coup” September 7 in Brazil

Former presidents, academics, and world leaders cautioned that on September 7, 2021 “an insurrection will endanger democracy in Brazil”

Andrew Fishman: Bolsonaro’s Pro-Coup Rally: September 7 Is Shaping Up to Be Brazil’s January 6

With his reelection prospects dimming, Bolsonaro’s supporters are ramping up their version of the pro-Trump rally that led to the Capitol riot

Andrew Fishman: Brazil’s Indigenous Groups Mount Unprecedented Protest Against Destruction of the Amazon

Brazil’s largest-ever Indigenous protest came amid efforts by Jair Bolsonaro and his allies to pave the way for industry in the Amazon

Bree Busk: Defending the legacy of Chile’s 2019 uprising

The social movement left is having an outsized impact on Chile’s Constitutional Convention — combined with pressure from the streets, another Chile is possible

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