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Lu Sudré e Eduardo Miranda: Water shortages and solidarity: How Brazil’s favelas are dealing with COVID-19

In the country’s poorest areas, there is lack of information and basic necessities, however, there is also solidarity

Leonardo Flores: Venezuela’s Coronavirus Response Might Surprise You

Venezuelans waiting to go home understand that their chances of surviving the coronavirus – both physically and economically – are much better in a country that values health over profits

Coordinadora Feminista 8M: “Feminist emergency plan in the face of the Coronavirus crisis” released in Chile

Faced with the emergency the Coronavirus presents to our lives, a feminist emergency plan is –necessarily– one that prioritizes health, life and care above corporate profits

Vijay Prashad: IMF Refuses Aid to Venezuela in the Midst of the Coronavirus Crisis

The IMF denial of the $5 billion request from Venezuela follows Pence’s sentiment. It is a violation of the spirit of international cooperation that is at the heart of the UN Charter

Ben Norton: Brazil begs for Cuban doctors – after expelling them

Brazil’s far-right government requested the return of thousands of Cuban doctors to help fight the coronavirus. Months ago, President Jair Bolsonaro smeared the doctors as “terrorists” and expelled them

Glenn Greenwald: Bolsonaro’s Son Confirmed Father’s Positive Coronavirus Test, Then Lied About It

The question of Bolsonaro’s health remains shrouded in mystery. And that mystery is now fueled by his son inadvertently starting a war with a news outlet they trained their followers to worship: Fox News

Marina Duarte de Souza e Sheila Oliveira: Women of MST occupy Ministry of Agriculture in Brasilia

The action aims to denounce the policies of the Bolsonaro government in relation to the economy, land, and agriculture

Joe Emersberger: WaPo Prints Study That Found Paper Backed an Undemocratic Bolivia Coup

At this point, the OAS report on Bolivia’s election should be discarded, except for the purpose of a credible investigation into how such appalling work ever came to be done

Ben Norton: Chile’s US-Backed Gov’t Shooting Anti-Austerity Protesters

With the U.S. and OAS looking the other way, protesters have been subjected to brutally violent repression

Javier Zúñiga & Karina Nohales: Chile: The long month of October – the class struggle returns

The immediate result of this uprising was to break the conspiracy of the democratic transition, supported by the left and the right, against the class struggle

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