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John Bartlett: Boric wins Chile presidential primary as protest generation takes center stage

Former student leader becomes candidate for leftwing coalition and vows to fight Pinochet-era economics

Carole Concha Bell: First Indigenous Woman to Preside Over Chilean Constitutional Assembly Rocks Establishment

Chile’s path to transformation can be directly attributed to grassroots organizing and relentless demands for fundamental change

Nan McCurdy: Evo Morales Denounces New U.S.-Led Operation Condor

Bolivian President Morales has suggested that the 2019 coup directed against him is part of a new U.S. Plan Condor—whose aim is to rollback the renewed left-wing ascendancy in South America

Steve Sweeney: Chile can ‘bury neoliberalism’ with the election of Daniel Jadue

Daniel Jadue, an architect who is of Palestinian origin, has promised deep changes in the country if he is elected president in what could be an epoch-defining poll

Noam Chomsky: Bolsonaro Is Spreading Trump-Like Fear of “Election Fraud” in Brazil

Interview on what brought Bolsonaro to power, dissects his policies and compares them to the Trump regime, and assesses what the future may hold for the troubled nation

Euronews: Brazil’s presidential vote will be between ‘fascism and democracy”

For Lula, Bolsonaro’s ascent to power “is the result of a lie, a farce”

José Carlos Llerena Robles: There’s a Dirty Tricks Campaign in Peru to Deny Left’s Presidential Victory

The campaign to overturn Peru’s presidential election results is one of “unconventional warfare.”

Andre Pagliarini: Why Brazilian Workers Love Lula

Lula rose from humble origins to become a leftist icon, exuding working-class authenticity and successfully bringing working people into the country’s political life

Tom Phillips: Brazilians Take to Streets to Demand Removal of Jair Bolsonaro

“The primary objective is to bring down Bolsonaro. Genocidal Bolsonaro. Biological threat.”

Mark Weisbrot: ‘Stop the Steal’ Campaign by Losing Candidate in Peru Must End

Ripping a page from Donald Trump, the right spreads baseless conspiracy theories in an attempt to overturn the democratic will of the people

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