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Vijay Prashad: Despite US dirty tricks, Bolivia is finding a way to stay independent

The arrest of Jeanine Áñez, head of Bolivia’s erstwhile coup regime, is a vindication of the struggles of the Bolivian people

Joe Emersberger: To Western Media, Prosecuting Bolivian Coup Leaders Is Worse Than Leading a Coup

Removing the threat of US -backed coups from the world will involve a constant struggle against Western media and the sources they present to us as reliable

Nicole Fabricant: A New Beginning for Bolivia

Nicole Fabricant says Bolivia’s new president Luis Arce faces a neo-fascistic right while negotiating a new relationship with the country’s social movements that fragmented under his mentor, Evo Morales

Francesca Emanuele: The truth wins out

A look at the recent attacks on Bolivia’s Movement for Socialism – and how the country’s voters were ultimately undeterred by disinformation tactics

Mark Weisbrot: A Tale of Two Elections: U.S. and Bolivia

Just over a year ago, a similar effort was launched in Bolivia, and it actually prevailed. The country’s democratically elected president, Evo Morales, was toppled three weeks after the October 20 vote

Tom Phillips: ‘We’re in Power Now’: Evo Morales Makes Gleeful Return to Town He Fled

Tens of thousands of supporters greet Bolivian ex-president during his triumphant return to Chimoré

Adriana Salvatierra: “Now We Can Continue the Revolution in Bolivia”

Former senate president Salvatierra told Jacobin how the restored MAS government can undo the damage caused by last year’s coup — and set Bolivia back on the path to social transformation

Medea Benjamin: Ending Regime Change – in Bolivia and the World

Please Help ZNet   Less than a year after the United States and the U.S.-backed Organization of American States (OAS) supported a violent military coup to overthrow the government of Bolivia, the Bolivian people have reelected the Movement for Socialism (MAS) and restored it to power.  In the long history of U.S.-backed “regime changes” in Read more…

Nicole Fabricant: Bolivia Has Provided Us a Radical Vision of Hope

Bolivia’s MAS party will confront numerous challenges when returning to power. But its resounding victory against the authoritarian right and its roots as a party of social movements represent a radical vision of hope at a time when we need it most

Ben Dangl: Ballots defeated bullets, now what’s next in Bolivia?

The MAS has overcome incredible challenges this year. Now they will have to navigate the disastrous pandemic, rising fascism and an economic downturn

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