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Emily Achtenberg: Tensions Roil Bolivia as Electoral Court Says Morales Can Run Again

The Electoral Court’s decision to uphold Evo Morales’s fourth presidential bid has further polarized Bolivia, with the outcome of the electoral contest now far from certain

Jennifer Zelmer: Abort the System

Access to a safe, legal abortion remains one of the most consequential barriers women face in Latin America and the Caribbean today

Stansfield Smith: Eleven Years of the “Process of Change”

Evo Morales will soon have been the president of Bolivia for 12 years, heralding the ascent of the indigenous social movements to governmental power

Linda Farthing: Evo’s Bolivia: the Limits of Change

Radical social change will not happen unless these movements are active and independent

Various Contributors: For a World Without Borders

Final Statement at the World Conference of the Peoples – “For a World Without Borders towards Universal Citizenship”

Federico Fuentes: World Without Walls

Bolivia to host global people’s summit on migrant and refugee rights

Stansfield Smith: Behind the Bolivia Miner Cooperatives Protests and the killing of the Bolivian Vice-Minister

Venezuelan President Maduro has pointed out that the Dilma coup, the killing of the Bolivian minister, are part of an imperialist attack on the progressive governments of Latin America

Ben Dangl: The Implications of Bolivia’s Referendum

Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, who rose to prominence as a union leader among coca farmers and as a dissident congressperson, has won three general elections, including a 2014 victory with over 60 percent of the vote, and is now in his tenth year in power

Bret Gustafson: Bolivia After the “No” Vote

Beyond the defeat of Evo Morales’ referendum, political struggles wage on

Angus McNelly: Evo Morales and the limits of 21st century socialism

A referendum has exposed the contradictions and tensions at the heart of Bolivian politics after ten years of MAS leadership

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