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Vijay Prashad: ‘We will coup whoever we want’

Elon Musk and the overthrow of democracy in Bolivia

Glenn Greenwald: U.S.-Supported Coup in Bolivia Continues to Produce Repression and Tyranny

The U.S.-supported military coup in Bolivia has largely disappeared from western news outlets ever since the November 2019 massacres of pro-democracy protesters by the right-wing faction that seized power

Ben Dangl: The struggle for justice continues in post-coup Bolivia

A brutal wave of repression followed the right’s seizure of power last November, but organizing for social and political change in Bolivia continues

Ben Dangl: Bibles at the Barricades: How the Right Seized Power in Bolivia

The Áñez government threatens to roll back major progressive policies of the MAS, as well as victories won in the streets by Bolivia’s broad social, labor, and indigenous movements

Federico Fuentes: Bolivia’s Movement Towards Socialism says #PutLivesFirst

Bolivia’s Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) has sought to outline in #PutLivesFirst, a detailed and comprehensive plan for tackling COVID-19 and its social and economic impacts

Joe Emersberger: WaPo Prints Study That Found Paper Backed an Undemocratic Bolivia Coup

At this point, the OAS report on Bolivia’s election should be discarded, except for the purpose of a credible investigation into how such appalling work ever came to be done

John Curiel: Analysis of the 2019 Bolivia Election

No Evidence of Irregular Trends or Fraud

Iokiñe Rodríguez and Mirna Inturias: Contribution of indigenous people to fighting climate change is hanging by a thread

The recent history of Bolivia shows the danger of allowing the fight for indigenous rights and climate action to be co-opted

Vijay Prashad: Bolivia: An election in the midst of an ongoing coup

Even with the violence from the government and its fascistic paramilitaries, even with Romero at the helm of the TSE, even with USAID on the ground, and even with the shenanigans of Claver-Carone, MAS is fighting to win

Olivia Arigho-Stiles: Period of Calm Obscures Deepening Crisis of Democracy in Bolivia

The streets may now be peaceful in La Paz but as developments unfold which steadily erode the democratic foundations of the state, Bolivian democracy is more imperiled than at any time since the dictatorships of the last century

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