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John Curiel: Analysis of the 2019 Bolivia Election

No Evidence of Irregular Trends or Fraud

Iokiñe Rodríguez and Mirna Inturias: Contribution of indigenous people to fighting climate change is hanging by a thread

The recent history of Bolivia shows the danger of allowing the fight for indigenous rights and climate action to be co-opted

Vijay Prashad: Bolivia: An election in the midst of an ongoing coup

Even with the violence from the government and its fascistic paramilitaries, even with Romero at the helm of the TSE, even with USAID on the ground, and even with the shenanigans of Claver-Carone, MAS is fighting to win

Olivia Arigho-Stiles: Period of Calm Obscures Deepening Crisis of Democracy in Bolivia

The streets may now be peaceful in La Paz but as developments unfold which steadily erode the democratic foundations of the state, Bolivian democracy is more imperiled than at any time since the dictatorships of the last century

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Evo Morales: An Indian out of place

The dramatic events in Bolivia in recent months have followed an imperial script that Latin Americans are becoming more and more familiar with, and which consists in paving the way for the replacing of a democratic government deemed hostile to the interests of the United States

Chris Hartmann: Bolivia’s Plurinational Healthcare Revolution Will Not Be Defeated

Under the Morales administration, Indigenous healthcare beliefs and practices stepped out from long shadows cast by colonialism and racism. Those achievements are now under threat

Peoples Dispatch: Morales’ MAS defines strategy for elections

The MAS party stressed the importance of maintaining the unity of all social movements, grassroot organizations, leaders, activists and supporters to achieve the victory of the Bolivian people

Evo Morales: Interview With Bolivia’s Evo Morales

Interview on who was behind this coup, what its motives are, the role played by both the U.S. and Brazil, the use of violence by the right-wing “interim” government against Indigenous protesters and other topics

Lucas Koerner: How Global North’s Left Media Helped Pave Way for Bolivia Coup

Progressive and alternative media in the Global North have long portrayed Bolivia’s deposed Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) government as repressive, pro-capitalist and anti-environment—all in the name of “left” critique

Forrest Hylton: Bolivia’s Coup Government Is a Far-Right Horror Show

The coup-makers that violently deposed Evo Morales last month haven’t even tried to hide their far-right politics. Racist revanchism, backed by Christian fundamentalism, is now the order of the day in Bolivia

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