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Patrick Bond: What lessons from the Workers Party for fighting global neoliberalism?

Lula’s release leaves capitalists annoyed and nervous

Ana Paula Vargas: Lula is Free

Can Socialism Be Restored?

Dom Phillips: Lula Walks Free from Prison

Workers’ party leader had been held for 580 days for corruption. Court rules incarceration unlawful until appeals exhausted

Danica Jorden: Lula Declares, I’m Back!

On Friday, November 8, 2019, former President of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva walked out of a prison in Curitiba and was greeted by throngs of supporters

Danica Jorden: Brazilian Senator Calls for Return to Dictatorship

The utterance of AI-5 should bring a chill to any Brazilian who was of age in the 1960’s, any student of history, or anyone with a conscience

Marjorie Cohn: Amazon Fires Will Have Global Consequences. The UN Must Act

We must act internationally to save the precious Amazon rainforest

Glenn Greenwald: Fearful of Lula’s Exoneration

Brazil is now witnessing the bizarre spectacle of Lula’s accusers desperately trying to get him out of prison, while he insists on remaining until he’s fully exonerated

Richard Falk: Amazonia, Climate Change, Syria, Yemen, Kashmir

What these issues have in common is the inability of the global system of authority to save these national populations from experiencing prolonged tragedy as a result of the criminal behavior of the territorial government and, in some instances, its insurgent adversaries

George Dvorsky: Defender of Brazil’s Indigenous Tribes Murdered ‘Execution-Style’

“His death highlights how standing up for environmental and indigenous rights protection can cost people their lives.”

MST National Coordination: Burning the Amazon is a crime against humanity

“The Amazon is a territory of life, food, water, and cultures, not destruction, death, and exploitation”

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