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Mark Weisbrot: Lula’s Prosecution a Travesty of Justice

Brazil’s political elite is going after Lula and the Workers Party to stop them from running in this year’s presidential election

Mark Weisbrot: Brazil’s Democracy Pushed Into the Abyss

Brazil will have reconstituted itself as a much more limited form of electoral democracy, in which a politicized judiciary can exclude a popular political leader from running for office

Leandro Demori: Lula’s Corruption Conviction Upheld

Now What?

Sabrina Fernandes: Lula, Brazil Elections and the Left

Interview on former President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva’s Jan. 24 corruption trial and forthcoming elections in the South American country

Glenn Greenwald: Empowering Government to Censor

In the Name of Stopping “Fake News”

Jonathan DeVore: Odebrecht’s Original Sins

How a history of land speculation and dispossession in southern Bahia foreshadowed Odebrecht’s fall from grace

Eric Nepomuceno: The MST today, yesterday, tomorrow, always

It remains unacceptable to me that such a small number of people hold in their hands such a large amount of land

Anne Vigna: Brazil’s Parallels With Trumpism

The hard right is running the country without being elected after Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment last year. It has surprising support among the new lower-middle class

Jennifer Chisholm: A Sustainable Favela?

How favela residents in Rio are fighting back against threats of eviction by forging new identities based on ecological preservation

Mario Osava: Another Setback in Brazil

The wave of conservativism is testing its limits in Brazil, as reflected by a Labour Ministry decree that seeks to block the fight against slavery-like working conditions, which has been provisionally revoked by the justice system. The powerful “ruralist” parliamentary bloc that represents agribusiness has been chalking up victories, such as keeping Michel Temer in Read more…

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