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Jonathan Cook: Bolsonaro: A Monster 
Engineered By Our Media

The western elites will decry Bolsonaro in the forlorn and cynical hope of shoring up their credentials as guardians of the existing, supposedly moral order. But they engineered him. Bolsonaro is their monster

Joao Pedro Stedile: “Activists shall not fear, we are fighting for justice”

MST will not back off from social struggle

Ramzy Baroud: When Bolsonaro and Netanyahu Are ‘Brothers’

Why Brazil Should Shun the Israeli Model

J.P. Linstroth: Preventing Brazilian Indigenous Genocide and Protecting the Amazon

One of Bolsonaro’s first official acts as a newly inaugurated president was doing away with demarcation of indigenous territories in Brazil. All of us living on this planet should be fearful of this act

Fernando Haddad: Brazil: Opponents Warn of Regressive Policies & Dictatorship

Bolsonaro’s election marks the most radical political shift in the country since military rule ended more than 30 years ago

Pedro Rocha de Oliveira: Brazil’s road to neo-fascism

Jair Bolsonaro’s rise to power in Brazil

Travis Waldron: Brazil: How A Modern Democracy Collapses

Far-right president Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to Brazilian democracy — and a model for authoritarianism that leaders around the world will follow

Wouter Hoenderdaal: Bolsonaro’s Brazil: Chicago Boy-style Neoliberalism

If a new wave of neoliberalism sweeps Brazil, it will almost certainly reduce prospects for meaningful economic development that benefits the majority of people

John McCullough: Social Democracy or Barbarism?

Political commentators see AMLO as a bigger threat than Bolsonaro

Bruna de Lara: The Corruption Cabinet

Jair Bolsonaro Promised to End Corruption in Brazil — Then He Appointed an Extremely Corrupt Cabinet

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