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Patrick Bond: BRICS-Johannesburg simultaneously disappoints and threatens

With Trump setting the agenda on the building and destruction of political alliances between states while wrecking prospects of multilateral action, the world requires a new generation of international leaders to develop a genuine alternative

Glenn Greenwald: Brazil’s Disastrous 2018 Presidential Race

By removing Dilma, they knowingly empowered actual criminals and gangsters, people whose thieving and mobster behavior make Dilma’s budgetary tricks look like jaywalking

Glenn Greenwald: Photo of Kissing Gay Couple Sparks Controversy in Brazil

In this climate, Lotti’s bold choice to prominently display a photograph of two men kissing, at a mainstream tourist attraction frequented by millions of families and children, is no small gesture

Joao Pedro Stedile: ‘We Defend the Constituent Assembly’

iI Lula’s candidacy is prevented, a political crisis will become even more acute

Vijay Prashad: The narrative is still Lula

As the elections in Brazil draw closer, conflict is likely

Patrick Bond: State of the BRICS Class Struggle, Part 2

‘Social Dialogue’ Reform Frustrations

Patrick Bond: State of the BRICS class struggle

Repression, Austerity and Worker Militancy

Luiz ignacio lula Da silva: Manifest to the People of Brazil

From where I am, with the solidarity and energies that come from all corners of Brazil and the world, I can assure you that I will continue working to transform our dreams into reality

Ben Dangl: Occupy, Resist, Produce

A History of Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement

Various Contributors: MST Letter to the Brazilian People

Brazil is experiencing a deep economic, political, social and environmental crisis as a result of the international crisis of capitalism and the inability of this system to solve the contradictions it generates. In this context, authoritarian solutions, such as coup d’états and attacks on democracy, have been the formula adopted to guarantee the implementation of Read more…

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