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Noam Chomsky: Bolsonaro Is Spreading Trump-Like Fear of “Election Fraud” in Brazil

Interview on what brought Bolsonaro to power, dissects his policies and compares them to the Trump regime, and assesses what the future may hold for the troubled nation

Euronews: Brazil’s presidential vote will be between ‘fascism and democracy”

For Lula, Bolsonaro’s ascent to power “is the result of a lie, a farce”

Andre Pagliarini: Why Brazilian Workers Love Lula

Lula rose from humble origins to become a leftist icon, exuding working-class authenticity and successfully bringing working people into the country’s political life

Tom Phillips: Brazilians Take to Streets to Demand Removal of Jair Bolsonaro

“The primary objective is to bring down Bolsonaro. Genocidal Bolsonaro. Biological threat.”

Danica Jorden: Actor’s Death Links Homophobia, Sexism and Covid Denial in Brazil

Paulo Gustavo was remembered in mass protests in 24 states and the capital district on May 29 against the Bolsonaro government’s inaction in the face of Covid

Tricontinental: The Challenges Facing Brazil’s Left

Even though we are living in a moment in which we have to remain defensive, the window of history seems to be wide open everywhere, igniting a new moment in our current political context

Tom Phillips: ‘Brazil Is a Global Pariah’

Lula on His Plot to End Reign of ‘Psychopath’ Bolsonaro

Ruhi Bhasin: Mismanagement of the COVID-19 Crisis Increases Food Insecurity in India and Brazil

With leaders in both countries refusing to accept the urgency of the situation before them, marginalized populations already struggling are having to fight a dual fight: against the virus and against hunger

Frei Betto: Paulo Freire’s Brazil: ‘Return to Grassroots Popular Education’

Interview on returning to the grassroots work of popular education

Keith Danner: Glenn Greenwald Took on the Authoritarian Right in Brazil — and Won

Review of Securing Democracy: My Fight for Press Freedom and Justice in Bolsonaro’s Brazil by Glenn Greenwald

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