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Keith Danner: Glenn Greenwald Took on the Authoritarian Right in Brazil — and Won

Review of Securing Democracy: My Fight for Press Freedom and Justice in Bolsonaro’s Brazil by Glenn Greenwald

Celso Amorim: On Bolsonaro, Lula & Why Biden’s Foreign Policy Is So “Disappointing”

“As he becomes smaller in terms of support … he becomes more dangerous.”

Miguel Nicolelis: Brazil in Crisis

COVID Deaths Soar & Hospitals Overflow Amid Unprecedented Political Upheaval

Brett Wilkins: ‘Major Political Crisis’ in Brazil

‘Military Chiefs Quit Amid Bolsonaro Purge of Top Ministers

Lorena Barberia: Lula Returns as Covid Runs Wild in Brazil

Brazil’s president Bolsonaro continues to deny the Covid crisis, as Lula’s return to politics creates shockwaves from the favelas to Wall St.

Andre Pagliarini: How Lula Can Win Back Brazil

The mishandling of the pandemic has only strengthened the former president’s standing – and now he’s free to run again

Rafael R. Ioris: The Political Fight in Brazil is Between Democracy and Authoritarianism

Instead of idealizing a non-existent centrist alternative, those who still believe in democracy in Brazil should appreciate Lula’s return to the political arena

Alexandre de Santi: Brazil’s Lula Launches Comeback

As the Judge Who Locked Him Up Falls From Grace

Benjamin Fogel: Lula Is Back — And He Can Save Brazil From Bolsonaro

For Brazilian workers struggling with economic hardship and the COVID-19 pandemic, Lula’s return means there is finally some hope for change

Chris Banks and S. Rodrigues: Lula’s right to run for president of Brazil restored

Major victory for people’s movement

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