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Celso Amorim: Lula’s Comeback Campaign: The Stakes for Brazil—and Democracy

Interview on why much more than a resurgent Pink Tide is riding on the results

Marianna Olinger: Meet the volunteer brigades and artists fighting forest fires and deforestation in Brazil

As wildfires ravage the Amazon, street artists have joined forces with the volunteer firefighters risking their lives to stop Bolsonaro’s assault on the environment

Brian Mier: Fox Seeks Allies Across the Political Spectrum to Shill for Bolsonaro

Fox‘s propaganda blitz preemptively sets the stage for the normalization of a possible military coup in Brazil this October

Federico Fuentes: Like Trump at the Capitol, Bolsonaro wants to create ‘institutional turbulence’

Interview on the increasingly dangerous political situation in Brazil leading up to the country’s national elections on October 2

Jake Johnson: ‘Tipping Point of No Return’ Feared as Amazon Rainforest Fires Surge

“Up to now, the Biden administration has only legitimized the Brazilian government’s anti-Indigenous and anti-environmental agenda”

Andrew Fishman: Lula Leads, but Bolsonaro Could Still Win Reelection in Brazil

Brazil’s presidential election in October will be a dramatic referendum on the country’s future

Jake Johnson: Lula Launches Campaign To Unseat Bolsonaro

“Brazil will have the opportunity to decide which country it will be for the next few years, and for generations to come”

Rebecca Tarlau: How movements can maintain radical vision while winning practical reforms

Forty years of struggle by Brazil’s landless workers movement offers lessons on engaging the system without being co-opted

Sean T. Mitchell: Greenwald’s Bombshell Brazil Scoops Have Curious Blindspot for US Involvement

Review of Securing Democracy: My Fight for Press Freedom and Justice in Bolsonaro’s Brazil, by Glenn Greenwald

Stellan Vinthagen: A radical land occupation in Brazil shows how to reimagine our societies for the better

Brazil’s MST have achieved something even Gandhi never could: the combination of constructive alternatives with broad-based resistance

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