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Andre Pagliarini: How Lula Can Win Back Brazil

The mishandling of the pandemic has only strengthened the former president’s standing – and now he’s free to run again

Rafael R. Ioris: The Political Fight in Brazil is Between Democracy and Authoritarianism

Instead of idealizing a non-existent centrist alternative, those who still believe in democracy in Brazil should appreciate Lula’s return to the political arena

Alexandre de Santi: Brazil’s Lula Launches Comeback

As the Judge Who Locked Him Up Falls From Grace

Benjamin Fogel: Lula Is Back — And He Can Save Brazil From Bolsonaro

For Brazilian workers struggling with economic hardship and the COVID-19 pandemic, Lula’s return means there is finally some hope for change

Chris Banks and S. Rodrigues: Lula’s right to run for president of Brazil restored

Major victory for people’s movement

Brasil de Fato: Lula after the annulment of convictions: “Never give up”

In a press conference held at the headquarters of the Metalworkers Union, the former president criticized Bolsonaro, “Brazil does not belong to him or the militia members”

Brian Mier: NYT Fails to Examine Its Participation in Brazil’s ‘Biggest Judicial Scandal’

The Times rarely applied any scrutiny to the investigation until Lula’s political imprisonment was imminent

Aidan O’Brien: Why Is Brazil Such a Basket Case?—The Role of U.S. Covert Action

Ten U.S. presidents,[1] 20 CIA directors,[2] and 56 years of covert action[3] screwed over Brazil’s poor and paved the way for the election of Jair Bolsonaro

Luca Belli: The largest personal data leakage in Brazilian history

Why the rest of the world should be worried, and think hard about how to create a data protection culture

Noam Chomsky: Why Neoliberal Leaders Who Failed to Protect Their Countries From COVID-19 Must Be Investigated

It is time to impanel a citizens’ tribunal to investigate the utter failure of the governments of Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, Narendra Modi, and others

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