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Andrew Fishman: Brazil’s President Goes to War With Democratic Institutions

— and Hopes the Military Has His Back

Glenn Greenwald: The Three-Pronged Crisis Crippling Brazil and Imperiling Bolsonaro Presidency

Brazil currently faces at least three grave crises — one of public health, another economic, and other political and corruption-related — that has left the nation in greater danger than at any time since its 1985 redemocratization

Andrew Fishman: Brazil Justice Minister Resigns Over Bolsonaro’s Interference in Investigations

Impeachment Talk Ramps Up

Pedro Telles: Brazil implements basic income policy following massive civil society campaign

Tens of millions of Brazilians have begun receiving basic income payments aimed at addressing the economic impact of Covid-19, following Congress’ approval of a bill prompted by a country-wide grassroots campaign that began just three weeks ago

Andrew Fishman: Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, the World’s Most Powerful Coronavirus Denier

Bolsonaro chafed at having to share the spotlight with a subordinate who openly disagreed with his statements and had repeatedly threatened to remove the minister from his role. On Thursday, Mandetta was out

Lu Sudré e Eduardo Miranda: Water shortages and solidarity: How Brazil’s favelas are dealing with COVID-19

In the country’s poorest areas, there is lack of information and basic necessities, however, there is also solidarity

Ben Norton: Brazil begs for Cuban doctors – after expelling them

Brazil’s far-right government requested the return of thousands of Cuban doctors to help fight the coronavirus. Months ago, President Jair Bolsonaro smeared the doctors as “terrorists” and expelled them

Glenn Greenwald: Bolsonaro’s Son Confirmed Father’s Positive Coronavirus Test, Then Lied About It

The question of Bolsonaro’s health remains shrouded in mystery. And that mystery is now fueled by his son inadvertently starting a war with a news outlet they trained their followers to worship: Fox News

Marina Duarte de Souza e Sheila Oliveira: Women of MST occupy Ministry of Agriculture in Brasilia

The action aims to denounce the policies of the Bolsonaro government in relation to the economy, land, and agriculture

Dilma Rousseff: Fight Like an Oil Worker

The oil worker strike represents a significant movement against authoritarianism, neofascism and the neoliberal agenda

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