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Ben Norton: Bloomberg surrogate was PR guru for Brazil’s Bolsonaro

Former Michael Bloomberg aide Arick Wierson, who is pushing the billionaire’s 2020 presidential campaign and attacking Bernie Sanders, helped elect far-right demagogue Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil

Jacob Blanc: The Inversion of Human Rights in Brazil

A dictatorship-era torturer is suing one of his victims in Brazil in a stark reminder of how Bolsonaro emboldens rights abusers

Tchenna Maso: Organizing the community to take on the corporation

Interview on the challenges in taking on multinational corporations — and some of the victories along the way

Celso Amorim: Iran Diplomacy and Brazil’s Sharp Turn to the Right

Interview on the enormous effort Brazil put into securing a nuclear deal with Iran, how it was ignored, and how current president Bolsonaro is following an extreme right agenda

Andrew Fishman: Criminalizing Reporting

Glenn Greenwald Faces Cybercrime Complaint After Exposing Scandal in Brazil

Glenn Greenwald: Bolsonaro Under Fire

Dismisses His Culture Minister For Giving a Nazi Speech, But It Is Still Representative of Brazil’s Governing Ethos

Michael Fox: Inside Brazil’s War on Small Farmers

Not long ago, Brazil’s government walked a thin, complicated line between protecting the right to private property and the right to agrarian reform. Today, that line has been obliterated

Danica Jorden: Bolsonaro’s Revisionist History of Brazil

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s administration is embarking on a project of cultural and historical revision

Patrick Bond: What lessons from the Workers Party for fighting global neoliberalism?

Lula’s release leaves capitalists annoyed and nervous

Ana Paula Vargas: Lula is Free

Can Socialism Be Restored?

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