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Jon Lee Anderson: Can Chile’s Young President Reimagine the Latin American Left?

Gabriel Boric promises sweeping social change. In a nation of duelling political extremes, he’ll need to sell his vision not just to his opponents but also to his allies

Javier Pineda Olcay: Chile’s New Constitution Takes Shape

The document lays the foundation for a participatory, plurinational, and feminist democracy

Pablo Abufom: An End to Neoliberalism?

How Chile Drafted New Constitution to Rewrite Pinochet-Era Laws

Cecilia Capanna: Chile today: a laboratory to revive democracy

Interview with Giorgio Boccardo, Undersecretary of Labor

Taroa Zúñiga Silva: Labor and Workers’ Rights Are at the Heart of Chile’s New Constitutional Convention

Even the workers in the Constitutional Convention process are themselves organizing a union

Pía Figueroa: “Make yourselves comfortable, making yourselves uncomfortable”

Please Help ZNet           Source: Pressenza With these words he began today by welcoming us foreign correspondents to the first press conference held by Gabriel Boric in his capacity as President. He defined the role of the press as those who are able to make power uncomfortable. He was asked several Read more…

Ariel Dorfman: President Boric must lay Chile’s ghosts to rest

Oppressive conservative forces are still strong in Chile and Gabriel Boric’s supporters are impatient for change. Can he fulfil his promise?

Javiera Manzi: Chilean president Boric’s election was a movement victory

The victory of Chile’s new president Gabriel Boric laid bare the interconnectedness of street-level and electoral politics: abandoning one can compromise the other

Aljazeera: Chile swears in new President Gabriel Boric in ‘historic shift’

Gabriel Boric is a former student leader who has promised a more inclusive society in one of the region’s most socially unequal countries

David Duhalde: Chile Shows How Social Movements Can Win Elections

Chileans’ commitment to replacing the country’s neoliberal constitution led to the inauguration of a young leftist president

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