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Lorena Olavarría: Fearless communes: An interview with two Chilean mayors

Fearless communes are rewriting their Constitution by feminizing politics and proliferating radically democratic spaces

Romina Green Rioja: In Chile, Boric’s Win Signals Victory for Social Movements and New Constitution

Elected on the heels of a historic movement against neoliberalism, president-elect Gabriel Boric will face high expectations and social movement pressure to deliver on his campaign promises

Ariel Dorfman: The Meaning of Boric’s Victory in Chile

The causes he believes in are those youth everywhere have been increasingly fighting for across the globe

Pablo Abufom: Boric Win in Chile Is “Huge Victory” for Social Movements

Boric has vowed to fight for progressive social reforms and overhaul the neoliberal economic policies left by the U.S.-backed dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet

Danica Jorden: Left Wave Continues in Latin America with Boric Victory in Chile

Boric won 55.9% (4,618,480) of the total votes, leaving Kast trailing with 44.1% (3,648,394) as polls closed at 6 pm local time

Common Dreams Staff: ‘Historically Large Win’: Chile Votes for Socialism Over Fascism

With 97% of 46,887 polling stations reporting Sunday, Gabriel Boric had 56% of the votes, compared to 44% for his opponent

Various Contributors: “International solidarity once failed the people of Chile. It must not fail today.”

Parliamentarians and public figures from over 15 countries unite in defense of Chilean democracy ahead of 19 December elections.

Ariel Dorfman: Chile’s Future at Stake

In Chile, voters will determine a close runoff election between far-right candidate José Antonio Kast and leftist Gabriel Boric, a former student leader

Robert L. Funk: Gabriel Boric and the New Left’s Old Problem

The Chilean candidate represents a class of Latin American politicians who appear more revolutionary than they really are

Ariel Dorfman: Will Chile Return to a Pinochet-like Darkness?

Perhaps those guardians of my country’s dignity, the ghosts of those that Pinochet banished from this world, will protect their compatriots as we decide the fate of our beloved and besieged land

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