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Democracia Abierta: The Chilean referendum: getting rid of the shadow of Pinochet’s dictatorship

Twelve months after the violent protests broke out, the Chilean people are preparing for an unprecedented process: voting to decide whether to begin drafting a new Constitution, which should be more socially equitable and economically inclusive

Bree Busk: Chileans mobilize in advance of a historic plebiscite

After seven months in quarantine, protesters have returned to the streets to reawaken the uprising they initiated the previous October

Ariel Dorfman: The Meaning of Allende’s Triumph

I danced in the streets after Allende’s victory in Chile 50 years ago. Now I see its lessons for today

Ariel Dorfman: “Death Is on the Ballot”

Lessons for the US, 50 Years After Allende’s Socialist Revolution in Chile

Dawn Paley: Feminism and Chile’s social explosion

Over the past months, as cases of COVID-19 have risen, sporadic demonstrations and conflicts with police have erupted around Santiago as residents protest a lack of health measures, food and money to make it though.

David Duhalde: Mass Uprisings and Their Aftermath in the United States and Chile

Both Chile and the United States have seen massive social upheavals over the past year. The two countries have much to teach each other about how such unrest can translate into substantive political change.

Yanis Iqbal: Financialization of Copper Mining in Chile

As Chile gets convulsed by the aggravating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the structural brutality of copper mining is being starkly outlined

Gisela Brito: Chilean society is pushing for change

The Covid-19 pandemic has only aggravated inequality and highlighted the need for progressive alternatives

Tristan Partridge: Selk’nam victory for indigenous recognition in Chile

At a time of renewed social struggles for the rights of historically marginalized groups, an indigenous campaign in Chile this week received some positive news

Coordinadora Feminista 8M: “Feminist emergency plan in the face of the Coronavirus crisis” released in Chile

Faced with the emergency the Coronavirus presents to our lives, a feminist emergency plan is –necessarily– one that prioritizes health, life and care above corporate profits

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