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Cristian Opaso: How new creative actions are fueling Chile’s uprising

In response to repression by Chilean police, decentralized performances — sparked by small artist collectives — are replacing traditional barricades

Macarena Gómez-Barris: They cannot steal our joy

Authoritarianism and collective effervescence in Chile

Margaret Power: El estado opresor es un macho violador // the oppressive state is a macho rapist

For the last two years and a half women students and faculty have exposed and denounced the rampant sexual abuse and sexist education that take place in Chilean schools and universities

The Real News: Chileans Demand New Constitution as Protests Continue

For two months, Chileans have been protesting all over the country on a daily basis

Raul Zibechi: Elections or autonomy?

Notes from a Trawün Mapuche in Chile

Danica Jorden: Chileans Revolt After Being Told, “Get Up Earlier”

A few words that captured the arrogance of the ruling class have set in motion a popular movement and widespread unrest that started in Santiago, the capital city of Chile

Pablo Abufom: Chile: rewriting the constitution

Same Elites Who Caused Social Crisis Can’t Be Trusted to Write New Constitution

Lucas Koerner: Media Conceal Chile’s State Criminality, Delegitimize Bolivian Democracy

The coverage of Chile’s uprising proves once again that criminality on the part of Western states and their clients is perfectly palatable to corporate journalists whose atrocity, Michael Parenti observes, is always “against the truth.”

Medea Benjamin: Neoliberalism’s children rise up to demand justice in Chile and the world

Chile may be leading the way to a global political and economic revolution.

Noam Titelman: Fire and Fury in the Chilean “Oasis”

Chile’s new generations have become politicized in fragmented protests, marked by cathartic moments of social explosion and the collapse of some pillars that were supposed to be unmovable. The protests sparked by metro fare hikes are the latest chapter exploring the limits of what’s possible.

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