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Gregory Wilpert: Country profile: Ecuador

In the days following the catastrophic earthquake that struck Ecuador on 16 April, checkout lines at the supermarkets were exceptionally long. Ordinary Ecuadorians from all walks of life came together to buy food, drinking water and other essential supplies for the victims. It was the country’s worst natural disaster in 70 years, which left as Read more…

Byron Sigcho: An Interview with Byron Sigcho: Chicago, Ecuador, Activism and the Future

How do we develop alternative policies? We need grassroots movements and electoral movements to create a public sector that helps the poor and working class

Stansfield Smith: Propaganda as “News”

This is a clear anti-Correa campaign being led by some US NGOs such as Amazon Watch

Joe Emersberger: Chevron’s ‘Victory’ in Gibraltar

Bloomberg’s latest spin on Chevron’s efforts to evade all responsibility for pollution in Ecuador

Joe Emersberger: What should all progressive politicians learn from Rafael Correa about battling hostile media?

The power of the media should be neither underestimated nor exaggerated

Guillaume Long: In Defense of Rafael Correa

Ecuador’s minister of culture defends the social and political record of the Correa government

Joe Emersberger: Toxic Waste Dumped on poorest Ecuadorians for 26 years but Chevron has yet to pay

Imagine a vigilante group somehow dumping sixteen billion gallons of oil all over the neighborhoods where Chevron executives live…

Jeffrey R. Webber: Ecuador’s Impasse

Left and indigenous forces in Ecuador are attempting to create an alternative to both Rafael Correa and the Right

Joe Emersberger: The Economist Scrapes the Bottom of the Barrel to Attack Rafael Correa

Correa’s government is already one of most successful in Ecuador’s history because it has rejected the neoliberal dogmas promoted by the Economist

Karla Peña: The Struggle for Land Reforms and Food Sovereignty in Ecuador

Over 6,000 individuals and 500 organizations have participated in consultas on the land law with Ecuador’s government

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