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Gareth Porter: U.K. and Ecuador Conspire to Deliver Assange to U.S. Authorities

The Ecuadorian and British governments, working on behalf of the Trump administration, are trying to make it as difficult as possible for Julian Assange to avoid extradition by staying in the Ecuadorian Embassy

Chris Hedges: Crucifying Julian Assange

Chris Hedges and Joe Lauria, journalist and editor-in-chief, Consortium, discuss efforts to force #WikiLeaks publisher, #JulianAssange, out of the Ecuador Embassy in London and extradite him to the USA to stand trial.

Andres Arauz: Moreno’s Neoliberal Restoration Proceeds in Ecuador

Lenin Moreno won Ecuador’s presidency in 2017 by campaigning to continue the economic policies of Rafael Correa (a leftist who was in office from 2007 until 2017) but upon taking office immediately shifted dramatically to the right. Andres Arauz, a former member of Correa’s economic team whom I interviewed for Counterpunch in May, provides an Read more…

Glenn Greenwald: Ecuador Will Imminently Withdraw Asylum for Julian Assange

What Comes Next?

Glenn Greenwald: Silencing Julian Assange

Many of the recent media claims about Assange — which have centered on the alleged role of Russia in the internal Spanish conflict over Catalan independence — range from highly dubious to demonstrably false

Joe Emersberger: Ecuadorean Villagers May Still Triumph Over Chevron

It should not come as any shock that a huge multinational corporation has worked legal systems in various countries to its liking

John Pilger: The Isolation Of Julian Assange Must Stop

We call on the government of Ecuador to allow Julian Assange his right of freedom of speech

Jose Pedro-Caranana: When ‘Good Living’ goes wrong

Ecuador blazed a trail in sustainability by giving constitutional recognition to the rights of nature in 2008, but the revolutionary concept of Sumak Kawsay, or Good Living, proved more fragile than hoped when left in the hands of national government

Joe Emersberger: Lenin Moreno Steers Ecuador Rightward

Betraying the Revolution that Elected Him

Alfred de Zayas: Statement on Venezuela & Ecuador

United Nations Human Rights expert Alfred de Zayas comments on his recent trip to Venezuela, the dangers of politicizing the country’s crisis, and the “worrying media campaign” against the government

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