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Andres Arauz: Deepening the Citizens’ Revolution

An interview with Andrés Arauz on his surprising journey to the verge of state power

Andres Arauz: COVID, Austerity & Ending U.S. Interference

Left-wing economist Andrés Arauz secured nearly 33% of the vote in the first round of Ecuador’s presidential election on February 7 but fell short of the 40% needed to win outright

Roberta Rice: Two Different Visions of the Left Divide Ecuador in the 2021 Presidential Election

Indigenous environmentalist Yaku Pérez and conservative Guillermo Lasso are locked in a vote re-count to determine who will face Andrés Arauz in the secound round in April, posing a challenge to correísmo

Joe Emersberger: Ignoring Repression and Dirty Tricks in Coverage of Ecuador’s Election

Lies of omission characterize Reuters coverage of Latin American politics

Miriam Lang: Ecuador’s pro-mining politics dealt a blow by Indigenous, green movement

In a historic referendum, more than 80% of the electorate in Cuenca, Ecuador’s third-largest city, voted to ban mining in the area

Yanis Iqbal: Elections in Ecuador – The Fight Against Neoliberalism

Please Help ZNet       Photo by max.ku/Shutterstock Ecuador’s leftist candidate Andrés Arauz has won the first round of the country’s presidential elections held on 7 February, 2021, garnering 31.5% of the vote. An economist and former minister in socialist president Rafael Correa’s government, he has led the ticket for the Union for Hope coalition – what Read more…

Andres Arauz: The Left Can Take Back Power in Ecuador

Interview on continuing the Citizen Revolution

Yaku Pérez: ‘Barbarism or solidarity’ at stake at Ecuador elections

Yaku Pérez, the leader of indigenous party Pachakutik, is running on a green platform – but can he reach outside of his traditional base?

Democratic Socialists of America: IMF: Hands off Ecuador

Democratic Socialists of America IC expresses solidarity with the workers, peasants, and indigenous communities struggling against the forces of capital

Harvey Goldberg: What’s at stake in Ecuador’s Elections?

Capitalism in Ecuador has been surviving the pandemic by increasing the exploitation of the working class and farmers

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