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Progressive International: IMF austerity is strangling Ecuador — again

Members of the Progressive International’s Debt Justice working group call on IMF President Georgieva to deliver on the promise of a just recovery

Harvey Goldberg: Ecuador’s Democracy Threatened by Efforts to Exclude Popular Presidential Candidate Andrés Arauz

The central issue in the election is likely to revolve around neo-liberal economics

Yanis Iqbal: Neoliberal Nightmare in Ecuador

Ecuador is currently in a period characterized by immense class tensions

Vijay Prashad: How Ecuador’s democracy is being suffocated

Not only was Rafael Correa barred from contesting in the upcoming elections in Ecuador, but now the candidacy of Andrés Arauz is also being threatened

Joe Emersberger: Reuters (Unsurprisingly) Looks Away as Ecuador Tries to Outlaw Opposition Parties

Reuters routinely buries information that would badly damage the reputation of US allies in the Americas

Dawn Paley: Women rise against violence in Ecuador

The pandemic has pushed women in Ecuador to mobilize their networks for the purposes of mutual aid. 

Kaeliz Garcia: We are cheap labour to fight COVID-19

#HumansofCOVID19: I was put on the frontline against the coronavirus. I’m a medical resident. We have no tests, protection or ventilators. And I think I’m infected

Marcela Olivera: Talking About Ecuador’s Political Prisoners

Interview on various political prisoners in Ecuador who are supporters of former President Rafael Correa

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Ecuador: From the middle of the world to the end of the world

Demonstration in Quito Ecuador, by Fabiana Lando/ As its very name suggests, Ecuador is geographically located in the middle of the world. And now, from all appearances, neoliberalism has decided to carry out its end-of-the-world maneuvers in this country. That is perhaps the reason it is coming to the realization that the Ecuadorean people are Read more…

Fidel Narvaez: “I Was Fired for Helping Julian Assange, and I Have No Regrets”

Interview with the ousted Ecuadorian diplomat who handled Julian Assange’s case about why Lenín Moreno caved to international pressure, broke his promises, and gave Assange up to British authorities

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