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Gregory Wilpert: The Left Prevails in Ecuador

Ecuador’s president-elect Lenín Moreno defeats neoliberal candidate Guillermo Lasso amidst an economic downturn and political controversy

Gregory Wilpert: Ecuadorian Candidate Refuses to Concede

Guillermo Lasso, the conservative who lost Ecuador’s presidential vote, is aiming to delegitimize the leftist winner, Lenin Moreno, before he takes office

Mark Weisbrot: Financial scandal in Ecuador’s presidential election

Lasso appears to be involved in banking interests that facilitate capital flight from Ecuador

Mark Weisbrot: Ecuador’s Elections: Why National Sovereignty Matters

The progress that has been made over the last decade would not have been possible if the government of President Rafael Correa had followed the economic prescriptions of Washington

Joe Emersberger: Rafael Correa and the Future of Ecuador

An article by James McEnteer in CounterPunch depicts Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa as a “ranting, bullying, hectoring politician“ who “commandeered radio, television and print media to propagate his unfiltered views. Every Saturday he spoke on current events for hours, in a populist, shoot-from-the-hip style, from different locations around the country, often berating critics by name, Read more…

Federico Fuentes: Could an unlikely right-left alliance stall Ecuador’s Citizens’ Revolution?

Ecuador will return to the polls on April 2 after a first round presidential vote failed to deliver a decisive victory for Lenin Moreno, the candidate seeking to continue outgoing President Rafael Correa’s pro-poor “Citizens’ Revolution”

Gregory Wilpert: Country profile: Ecuador

In the days following the catastrophic earthquake that struck Ecuador on 16 April, checkout lines at the supermarkets were exceptionally long. Ordinary Ecuadorians from all walks of life came together to buy food, drinking water and other essential supplies for the victims. It was the country’s worst natural disaster in 70 years, which left as Read more…

Byron Sigcho: An Interview with Byron Sigcho: Chicago, Ecuador, Activism and the Future

How do we develop alternative policies? We need grassroots movements and electoral movements to create a public sector that helps the poor and working class

Stansfield Smith: Propaganda as “News”

This is a clear anti-Correa campaign being led by some US NGOs such as Amazon Watch

Joe Emersberger: Chevron’s ‘Victory’ in Gibraltar

Bloomberg’s latest spin on Chevron’s efforts to evade all responsibility for pollution in Ecuador

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