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Ariel Dorfman: President Boric must lay Chile’s ghosts to rest

Oppressive conservative forces are still strong in Chile and Gabriel Boric’s supporters are impatient for change. Can he fulfil his promise?

Javiera Manzi: Chilean president Boric’s election was a movement victory

The victory of Chile’s new president Gabriel Boric laid bare the interconnectedness of street-level and electoral politics: abandoning one can compromise the other

Aljazeera: Chile swears in new President Gabriel Boric in ‘historic shift’

Gabriel Boric is a former student leader who has promised a more inclusive society in one of the region’s most socially unequal countries

David Duhalde: Chile Shows How Social Movements Can Win Elections

Chileans’ commitment to replacing the country’s neoliberal constitution led to the inauguration of a young leftist president

Alexis Cortés: Gabriel Boric Gets to Work Remaking Chile

The youngest president in the history of the Andean nation has a difficult job ahead of him

Ariel Dorfman: Chile’s Bold Adventure in Democracy

Despite challenges and disputes aplenty, my country has embarked on a remarkable project: a truly popular debate about what sort of nation it should aspire to be

Tristan Partridge: Fighting the wildfires that threaten Chile’s peatlands is vital for us all

We must protect South America’s southernmost tip – a large carbon store – not just for the Indigenous people who call it home, but for the world

Doris Balvín: Declaration of climate emergency: an answer to the new generations

We welcome the fact that we are now at a different stage and that the government of President Pedro Castillo has taken the first step to meet the demands of the new generations

Stellan Vinthagen: A radical land occupation in Brazil shows how to reimagine our societies for the better

Brazil’s MST have achieved something even Gandhi never could: the combination of constructive alternatives with broad-based resistance

Roberto Robaina: ‘Millions have their hopes set on a Bolsonaro defeat’

With Brazil’s extreme right president Jair Bolsonaro up for re-election later this year, the desire to have him thrown out of office is running high

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