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Edward Herman: The Western Betrayal of East Timor

Edward Herman  and David Peterson Led by Australia, U.N.-sponsored peacekeepers continue to arrive in East Timor, where they are finding a staggering level of destruction. Reconnaissance flights over the half-island territory report scenes of Biblical dimensions, where the "Lord rained down fire and brimstone from the skies." The departing Indonesian forces have burned virtually every Read more…

Mark Weisbrot: Washington Fiddles While East Timor Burns

Mark Weisbrot The violence and crisis in East Timor has raised pointed questions about U.S. foreign policy and what we stand for in the world. It was only months ago that we bombed Serbia for 78 days, killing hundreds and perhaps thousands of innocent civilians, supposedly to stop the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo. Now we Read more…

Brian Dominick: An Appeal for Continued Anti-War Efforts

Brian Dominick Did I just see what I think I saw? Has a growing anti-war movement suddenly become dormant, for the umpteenth time in the past few decades – in this case before the war at hand was even over? Has the US Left once again turned its back, or at least its side, to Read more…

Saul Landau: Remember Angola

As Kosovo atrocities dominate the headlines, I wait for some former national security maven to confess to US government crimes committed during the Cold War. We know the CIA assassinated people, fomented coups and destabilized countries we claimed were pro Soviet. But we haven’t taken responsibility for the consequences of these covert actions. What became Read more…

Donna m. Hughes: Women in Iran

  Women in Iran want equality, respect, and the right to participate in all social, political, and economic activities. They want to live their lives productively and with dignity. Throughout the 20th Century Iranian women have organized and fought for human and political rights, from the Constitutional Revolution at the turn of the century to Read more…

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